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This list will be revised periodically. The categories for the references listed below overlap, sometimes severely, although it is in the nature of the hypertext world that blurred categories arise. For simplicity, each reference is listed once. Although some of the sites have sharply defined utility, many are enormously rich and will reward patient browsing and use.

Authors and Writings

Voice of the Shuttle English Literature Page
Woven by Alan Liu and others at UC Santa Barbara; includes historical, geographical, artistic, literary critical, and interdisciplinary concerns, as well as authors and references to many texts available on the Internet. Highly recommended, if not essential.

Literary Resources on the Internet
Jack Lynch's Web site, maintained at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, also provides key references to significant literature, literary-related information and writing tools on the Internet. Many national literatures and major authors are represented. Another remarkably inclusive Web site.

Painters and Paintings

Web Museum Network
This site includes thumbnail representations of paintings from all periods. "The ever-expanding WebMuseum network is now welcoming 200,000 visitors every week, delivering over 10 million documents! (PS: remember to click on the inlined thumbnail images to enlarge them."

Music and Musicians

Classical Music Search Database
This Web Site is massive, and includes more than represented at a glance of its Home Page. There are classical music newsgroups, downloadable databases, and more. "The number and variety of web sites devoted to topics of potential interest to classical music lovers has grown at a rapid pace. In order to provide a logical structure wherein sites can be found easily, this section has been organized into a set of linked pages arranged by topic. In some cases, the topics overlap, so it may be necessary to visit a couple of different pages to find the link you are looking for. Within a subject, hyperlinks are listed alphabetically. As always, you can use the Searchable Index to help locate information based on keywords."

Composer Master Index
"This index lists those composers that are represented at this site for which there is a dedicated page that may include a biography, recommended works, recommended recordings, and other related reviews and articles. It is not meant to be a comprehensive index of every occurence of a certain composer's name at the site, nor is every composer represented in some manner at this site listed here."

Writing Guides and Information Resources

The comprehensive Web site for information on writing, but also for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Citing Periodicals, Journals, and Other Text in MLA Format
An online version of the standard MLA Handbook citation guidelines for print materials.

The Columbia Guide to Online Style by Janice R. Walker and Todd Taylor (Columbia UP, 1998)
Part 1 of The Columbia Guide to Online Style by Janice R. Walker and Todd Taylor (Columbia UP, 1998) presents a guide to locating, translating, and using the elements of citation for both a humanities style (i.e., MLA and Chicago) and a scientific style (APA and CBE) for electronically-accessed sources. The unique element approach used makes this a useful reference book for citing electronic sources regardless of the specific bibliographic style you may be required to use.

The Purdue University On-line Writing Lab (OWL)
"At Purdue, students come to the Writing Lab to talk with tutors about planning and writing their papers. On-line, the Writing Lab offers other services as well, including some of our materials on writing and useful links to other sources of information."

Writing Centers Online -- A Comprehensive List
"I hope to make this the most comprehensive list of Writing Center gopher, web, and OWL sites. Though every effort has been made to check these links, the ever-changing nature of the Net makes it virtually impossible to verify them all on a constant basis; visitors to this page are encouraged to send any deletions, additions or suggestions to [Web Page author] Bruce Pegg."

WWW Virtual Library: Writers' Resources On The Web
"There are hundreds of Web sites containing links for writers. It's easy to get lost in the mass of information. If you concentrate on only one site, eventually you'll add others once you know the lay of the land. This is an excellent site with comprehensive links to the most writer-related pages on the Web," writes Dawn Groves -- "The Writer's Guide To The Internet" (Franklin, Beedle & Associates, 1997). Includes sections on electronic publication.

Grammar and Style Notes
Sensible and well-illustrated advice about effective college writing. By Jack Lynch, UPenn, updated 31 January 1997.

The Virtual Reference Desk
An expansive treasure house of all kinds of reference information, always avaliable.

Electronic Mirriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
Here when you need it.

William Strunk, Jr., The Elements of Style
On-line edition of a classic on writing well.

Student Resources on the WWW

Career Considerations for Undergraduate English Majors
A comprehensive Web Site at the Univ. of Delaware, one of many around the U.S.A., offers ideas and links to other Internet sites.

Internet Underground Music Archive
A fine alternative music site with sound clips and more.

The EServer
"The EServer, formerly at Carnegie Mellon, is now based at the University of Washington. We are redoubling efforts to publish quality e-books in the arts and humanities (currently 30191 of them). Browse our free collections". A comprehensive sites that includes material relevant to technology studies, including access to Wired magazine.

Google -- one of many WWW Search Engines, Google users appreciate its simplicity, speed, and quaint name.
The easiest to use and most comprehensive Web directory. Find practically anything on the WWW.

Writing for the Internet

Romanticism on the Net
This Romantic site is an example of places to submit articles which are then published on the Internet. "Apart from offering new articles and reviews in each new issue, this electronic journal contains call for papers (Conferences), descriptions of other academic journals (Journals), and links to other Web sites (Romantic Related Sites). One of the unique features of the Internet is that articles and reviews from previous issues are still easily accessible for consultation. The Internet also offers the possibility of an 'active' participation for the readers of "Romanticism On the Net" with The Forum. The Forum is a Web page containing people's comments on the articles published in every issue of the journal. Moreover, I hope that the Forum may provide an opportunity for romantic scholars to discuss any relevant topics."

Model Web Sites

ENSP 481: Theory & Practice of Hypertext
John Unsworth's graduate course at the University of Virginia might have appeared in the next category (Hypertext Resources) because it provides a wealth of links to (sometimes expert level) important hypertext resources. It's also a beautiful Web Site among many such at the U of V.

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum's Home Page
Now teaching at the Univ. of Kentucky, formerly studying at the University of Virginia, Dr. Kirschenbaum has generated a beautiful Web Site filled with information about hypertext and graduate studies in English.

Hypertext Resources

Voice of the Shuttle Text-Analysis, Bibliographic, and Writers' Software
This Web Page has loads of advanced information, about tools relevant to textual analysis and discovery.

The Guide to Searching the Internet
"The World Wide Web is growing at an astonishing rate, but as the amount of content on-line increases, it becomes more and more difficult to find what you're looking for. This page is the novice's guide as well as the expert's resource to do just that. Use it initially to become acquainted with the search resources which are on the Web, and then later as a starting page for your Internet searches."

Internet Web Text: a Hypertext Guide to Internet Resources
An excellent and comprehensive site. John December writes, "I created Internet Web Text for a course in Computer-Mediated Communication at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that I helped teach in the spring of 1994. My goal was to create an interface students could use to familiarize themselves with the Internet, how to use it, how to find information, and how to connect with people. I used icons to create memory-aids to remembering the resources---I find I can remember the resources through images better than by resource name. In a revision of this guide in July, 1994, based on an analysis of use patterns, I reduced the icons used within the pages. Only the icons-only version has different icons for each resource, and I'll continue to monitor the use of the icons-only page."

NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTML
The guide is used by many to start to understand the hypertext markup language (HTML) used on the World Wide Web. It is an introduction and does not pretend to offer instructions on every aspect of HTML. Links to additional Web-based resources about HTML and other related aspects of preparing files are provided at the end of the guide.

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition to its dedication to the forefront of computing, this is an enormously comprehensive, aesthetically beautiful, and useful site -- as well as fun: Be sure to visit the On-line Digital Exhibits at http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/Indices/Science/DigExhibits.html.

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