Concept and Method

    Taught with temperate use of the World Wide Web and electronic mail discussion lists, Romantic Literature and the Arts, an undergraduate course, was my first attempt to set up and, in Fall, 1997, to use a course website. Although I will not run the course as a total Internet experience, at least one major course assignment could incorporate use of the Internet, and electronic mail, a course news group, and research conducted on and downloaded from the Internet will be an integral part of the course. Since computing expertise will not be used to screen the students, the most satisfying experience of this experiment will depend upon the curiosity of students who take the course. I will ask select students whom I have taught to assist in teaching requisite computer skills.

    Expected benefits of using a course website are the following:

    • Students will have organized access to a far wider array of course materials, faculty and students around the country, and each other than without the WWW
    • Students will work collaboratively with an integrated set of materials and methods that delight and instruct
    • Students and instructor will adjust and expand their usual ways of teaching and learning
    • Students will learn to strike a balance between the technology and usual course expectations
    • Students and instructor will probe the benefits and the limits of using a course website
    • It will help if students who register for the course have independent or University access to the WWW. In either case, students need to establish an electronic mail account through the University Computer Center or through an ISP. I have a self-guiding tour on using Netscape. Some of the course materials on this Web site will be publicly available, but access to the discussion and e-mail list, and copyrighted text and images will be restricted.

      Role of public access and electronic mail to instructor

    • Provide feedback and ideas on course website design and utility
    • Contribute ideas for course and course topics
    • Request information relevant to course

    • For more information on course content and theory, contact:
      Stephen A. Gottlieb -

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