Topper Deluxe Reading
1965 Consumer Mini-Catalog

The three Johnny Eagle rifle-and-pistol sets are among the finest
toy guns ever made. They featured realistic actions, authentic
proportions, and authentic bullets and clips.

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Cover page of the
Deluxe Reading

Full image: 30K
Red River
Western Rifle
and 6-shooter
pistol set

Full image: 60K
African Safari
Rifle and pistol

Full image: 60K
Army M-14
Rifle and
.45 Auto pistol

Full image: 60K
Johnny Eagle
wall plaques
for the three
rifle and pistol

Full image: 55K
Johnny Seven OMA
One Man Army
7 weapons-in-1

Full image: 60K

Crime Buster
7 weapons-in-1
Police gun

Full image: 55K
Multi-pistol 007
"007" Secret Agent
special briefcase

Full image: 60K
Secret Sam
secret agent
special multi-
purpose rifle

Full image: 65K
Back of catalog
showing other
toy trucks, etc.
Full image: 30K