North American Skies Monthly Sky Chart

Due to a software compatibility problem, the North American Skies sky chart has been discontinued -- at least for now. However, you can obtain an excellent monthly chart in PDF format from Skymaps or  download StarGaze freeware if you are using Windows (but not Windows 7)

The chart is used, with permission, from the freeware Stargaze. Get the most recent version of Stargaze from Please use the Stargaze software for a map better suited for printing out.  I also suggest Starry Night software and  SkyMaps. This chart portrays the sky at about 10 p.m.  local time at mid-month, roughly 11 p.m.  (midnight) early in the month, and 9 p.m.  late in the month. All times are Standard or Daylight as appropriate. The chart is drawn for Denver, but is good with minor differences across North America.The positions of the Moon and planets are for the date and time indicated. Be aware the they will change (especially the Moon) with time. If you print this out, hold the chart so that the direction you are facing is at the bottom. (The top of the chart is North; the bottom is South; West is to the right; and East is to the left.)  Hold the chart overhead and turn it, if necessary, such that the direction you are facing is at the bottom of the chart. Then the stars will be in approximately the same positions on the chart as they are in the real sky. (Because the chart is designed to be held over your head, the directions are not the same as on a normal map.)

Note that the Moon and planets move over time. On some charts the Moon appears, but keep in mind that it's position on the chart is for 15th of the month only. On each preceding night, it will be farther in the West (right) in the sky, and on each succeeding night, it will be farther to the East (left). The planets move as well, but much slower. Again, this chart is produced with a wonderful free software called "Stargaze," and is used with permission. Stargaze is perfect for a quick check on what is in the sky at the moment or anytime during the year. Download a free copy for Windows here:

You may click on the image below for a version that should print better, but for a higher resolution, I suggest that you download and install your own copy of StargazeStarry Night, or  SkyMaps. If you have other comments or requests, please let me know.


Stargaze and this chart is copyright by Ray Middleton 1998 - 2004 Inc.