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If you are in the market for a telescope, or just want to know more, click on the buttons below for articles that should help. They are written by a longtime friend of mine, Cathie Havens of S & S Optika

[Buying a telescope] "Telescopes 101, part 1" by Cathie Havens, S & S Optika
[Buying a Telescope] "Telescopes 101, part 2" by Cathie Havens, S & S Optika

If you are interested in buying a telescope, I can make no better suggestion than to contact Cathie and/or visit S&S Optika. Cathie is highly knowledgeable and honest, and deal in high quality equipment at reasonable prices. I strongly suggest that if you are serious about astronomy and about buying a telescope, that you do not buy one at the local discount, camera or sporting goods store. The salespeople there rarely know anything at all about telescopes, and often exaggerate the value and capabilities of the equipment they sell. Find someone you can trust. Having known Cathie for many years, I feel extremely comfortable in recommending S&S Optika.


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