Portland Cacophony Society - OBJECT 2003 - Operation: Buried Junk Excavation and Containment Team

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Thanks to Drs. Moonbeam, Phil, UnJohn, and Conch for photographic documentation!

CONCEPT: A large, unremarkable vehicle transports a group of scientists from one park to another, all in the downtown area. The scientists are all dressed in Hazardous Material suits ("Tyvek") or other protective and scientific gear. Many have clipboards. They have special devices to measure such things as soil composition, water quality, vegetation, air, radiation, magnetism, substance Q, etc. An area of the park might be cordoned off with tape during the visit. An item will be recovered from each park.

Brief explanations may be given to the populace, such as "we're merely conducting a study." "There is absolutely nothing to worry about." "We had a report that warranted further investigation." "We're making a movie."

ABOUT THE OBJECTS: Recent solar flare activity is believed to have disrupted a satellite of unkown origin. Before the satellite failed and disintegrated in earth's atmosphere, it broadcast 4 sets of coordinates and 4 images. We do not know which coordinates may apply to which image. However, we do believe that the unknown entity used the satellite transmission to alert the Cacophony Society to the presence of these objects. It is hypothesized that the objects are significant items belonging to an alien culture, possibly indicating the presence of these beings on planet earth, either now, or in the past.

The approximate coordinates:

N 45,31.4 W 122,40.7

N 45,31.0 W 122,40.8

N 45,30.2 W 122,40.9

N 45,30.9 W 122,40.4

The objects, or portions of the objects, as transmitted by the satellite:

note rune characters

cage-like object containing unidentified substance

exquisite detailing, unidentified metal

crystalline pyramidal structure containing two subjects in embrace, unknown meaning

The Official Sticker!!

Email Received:

Funny thing happened here at Powells on 10th & Burnside, a customer came in at about 1:30pm saying he saw a bunch of people in Haz-mat suits get out of a van down by the Technical Bookstore. He was able to get the licence plate # and called the police. Of course my response was "why did you call the police, did they do something illegal?" He said "no, but it means we are under attack". What a dope, under attack from what? since when was it illegal to wear a Haz-mat suit? Did Portland Police catch up with you? I went down to the elephant at 2pm & saw no one. Hope you all are not in Jail for wearing Haz-mat suits.

XOXOXO Cupcake

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