Portland Cacophony Society - J'Lea's Birthday Shootout 2003

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A little someone told me that the cannon had been rewelded and results were unpredictable, see front of van:

Jim carries the remains of the cannon as J'Lea points out a fresh shrapnel wound to the Danger Car, bowling ball nicked tree, center of picture:

The women-folk help each other with the bullhorn and preparation of the animals:

Bloodpack, more preparations:

Hydrate well before shooting:

Visible blast, notice clip flying past head, bloody bunnies:

Isn't that going to give you TMJ problems?:


Stylin' Shooters:

The cat stayed home:

Biggs Wasco helps Cupcake light Shaggy the Dog:

The dog burns:

Symbionese Liberation Birthday Girl:

Overwhelming force:

Shooting off the keys, one by one:

Tom had exceptional aim with rocks, I'm serious:

We came out for the photo shoot and all these people had guns, weird!:


Now, this won't hurt a bit:

Match the bullets to the gun:

Sometimes black and white is right:

Considered armed and dangerous:

Smilin' and shootin':

Last cigar:

They call them the hunters:

I think maybe its called Wanderer's Peak:

Now for a real accomplishment:

Notice how the muffler is perpendicular to the car:

Special thanks to:

*Remington Pump Shotgun 12 gauge

*HK 9mm pistol

*Sony DCR-PC100- uses miniDV tape, swiss army knife like features, can videocapture low-rez stills to memory stick or shoot megapixel images. For high action events, best to shoot video, then capture the stills.

*Bushmaster AR-15 .223 (Something to consider, the HK will go through 10 rounds in less than ten seconds, the AR-15 30 in as little time as you would want, and I have heard that a trained psycho can put seven through the shotgun in 3 seconds. So buy lots of ammo. 300 Winchester Magnum- Ammo is about $1.50 a bullet, but this thing is a very high powered rifle with a nice scope. BIG boom. Very fun.)

*45 auto Marlin- Short barrel rifle that fires handgun rounds. Called a "camp" gun. Very fun to shoot, not a lot of kickback and accurate. This ammo would be your best bet if you wanted to get anything with good "kill" potential, yet not a long range rifle.

*9mm Smith & Wesson- Semi-automatic pistol. Fun to fire away with. Ammo is fairly inexpensive.

*Sony DSC-P9- tiny 4 megapixel camera, shoots to Memory Stick. Results unpredictable in low light.

*12 guage Defender slide shotgun- 12 gauge ammo is cheap, but people get tired of shooting shotguns fairly quick.A couple of boxes tops.

*.762 NATO rounds, Russia SKS rifle- The gun is cheap, as are all SKS rifles. Can jam on you, but it is fun to shoot. The rounds aren't generally that bad, but since the gun can occasionally freeze up -it isn't as fun sometimes. It can take 25 rounds in it's clip though.

*Sony Mavica FD-7- gets a lot of shots onto one floppy. Low resolution offset by 10X optical zoom lens. Moonbeam's favorite.

*.38 special Derringer- Two shot pistol that can fit in your palm. Very inaccurate- a "belly gun". Unless you fire it from 10ft away or less, there is no way you will hit anything. High kickback, and a big bullet for a Derringer.

*Sigsauer P229 .40 SW semi-automatic (please jacketed ammo, too much hassle to clean the barrel after shooting plain lead!)

*SKS 762.39 (Rev Chuck, says " you cannot buy these at GI Joes")

*12 Guage Shotgun

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