Lee Harvey Oswald Memorial Shoot 2001

A function of the Portland Cacophony Society ! Also, check out Marcus' site of pictures and video from the shoot! Just email me if you want a higher rez image (some not available) or if you need a picture deleted or caption added.

Marci pronounces the rules. From what I know of cacophony, this is a classic image. Check her out in this MPEG video if you think she isn't serious.

A look at the firing range in pristine condition.

Some of the pictures on this site are Snappy videocaptures. Here, I was able to advance the videotape frame by frame and capture a muzzle blast.

Biggs Wasco on the firing line. See also this MPEG video!

Biggs enjoying Cary's chili.

AJ consulting with the Wop.

Notice the recoil.

In this videocapture, you can see a spent clip about to strike AJ on the noggin.

Admiring a nice piece.

Elaborate camp set-up for a day of shooting.

Like a scene out of the Wild, Wild, West. Makes me want to take up smoking.

Beer can being blown off doll head, notice dolly's hair.

Shooting is just a distraction from more important things, like reading.

Specially equipped, advanced technology art car.

People helping people, its what cacophony is all about.

Burning things, its what cacophony is all about.

Hair on fire, Presidential motorcade.

Running from the hellfire to come.

Oftentimes, its trial and error. Here we see a sickening cloud of propane that failed to ignite properly. Still, it must have given the motorcade a scare.

In this series of images, you can see an initial blast followed by the propane tank flying through the air, with a fiery tail, exploding on impact. I love this. Also check out the MPEG video! You can hear Chuck exclaim, "guess its a good thing we moved it back, Carl!"

In the Grand Finale, the shark car emits an overwhelming blast, igniting a George "W" gas filled balloon. Also check out the MPEG video!

Happy hunters.

As night fell, the predators came out of the forest. I couldn't believe my luck in catching this scene.

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