I said I wasn't going to start another project until I finished the other Pistol, unfortunately once I get a design in my head I lose to much sleep just thinking about it so I just had to start this so I could sleep again.

This will be another single shot .22 pistol, If everything works out this should be a very simple and easy project to build. This first prototype will be made from aluminum left over from the SSBAP pistol and the rest of the 10/22 barrel I had left with future plans to make one from a piece of Stainless. Sorry (before you ask) I don't have any plans for this, the closest thing I have are the drawings on the design page, those are what I actually worked from. Not that I'd recommend copying this pistol, but there are several people who have actually built copies of this design over the years. (see disclaimer below)

Oct. 2005 - This project is also on temporally on hold. I had to redesign the grip and decided to incorporate the main spring housing right into the grip. I started to make the grip out of a solid chunk of aluminum but once again got side tracked with other projects. I'm just waiting on a little motivation to get started again.

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