This Web Site will follow the design and building of the Homebuilt Firearms I am currently working on or have built over the past years.

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If you only read one thing on this site please make sure it is the Disclaimer below.

Disclaimer - The pages of this website are not meant to be a "How To", the content provided here is just to share my ideas and what goes into building them and at most, to inspire others. The processes and setups I use to machine some of these parts may or may not be dangerous, most of my idea/builds are just concepts and are mainly built just to see if I can build them. Once I'm satisfied my builds are a proven design (to me and only to me) they are basically put on the shelf probably to never be used again. The firearms shown on this site are not daily shooters, none of the critical parts are heat treated or hardened, (continual use of these parts can and will lead to wear and will eventually lead to a dangerous situation.) also the materials I have chosen for critical parts such as sears, triggers, bolts, etc. is probably not the best of choices and again, may or may not be dangerous. So with that said I can not stress enough I am NOT a Gunsmith or a Machinist, I don't even play one on TV so please do not try to build or copy anything I have done here. If you do plan on building your own firearm, make sure you check your local laws first to make sure it is legal.
All Information, Pictures, and Material is copyrighted © 2005-2013 by Stephen Thone and may not be used for any personal or commercial purposes without the consent of the author. All rights reserved. The Author makes no guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of, or results to be obtained from accessing and using the Information herein. Please Read the Disclaimer on the bottom of main page.