What is Ocular Tendonitis?  



What actually causes it?  



What are the symptoms?



How is it detected?



How is it treated?



 Chronic ocular tendonitis 


            Prism Lenses


            Vision Ergonomics


            Vision Training




    Acute ocular tendonitis



Ocular Tendonitis Study







Ocular Tendonitis

           This website is dedicated to individuals who suffer from ocular tendonitis, a newly described  clinical entity affecting millions of people in the United  States and around the world. 

     Ocular tendonitis is associated with straining of the eye muscles to which the tendons are attached. Because eye muscle strain can occur due to the frequent and repetitive movements of the eyes looking from  monitor to the keyboard, people who work with computers have a high incidence of ocular tendonitis.

       Dr. David Sucher conducts research on eyestrain  and has authored five articles in the  American Academy of Optometry and a recent article in the  American Optometric Association  Journal.  His  interest focuses on  eyestrain as it relates to not only headaches, but also to reading disabilities, sports vision and vision ergonomics.

      Dr. David Sucher graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and continues to practice in  the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.