1972 Datsun 510

This is a very special example of a highly modified street 510. It has taken years of building and fine tuning to arrive where it is today. It has been mine for over four years and during this time it has undergone heavy modifications. As it is now, it is reliable enough to be used as a daily driver, and fast enough to be used as a track car. I will let the next owner decide what to do with the car. It is completely rust free save for a few spots on the tail light panel at the floor of the trunk (see pictures). The paint, from what I can tell, looks original, although it may had been repainted at some point in its very early life. Very glossy and buffs out well. The car has never been in an accident and is perfectly straight everywhere you look. There are some minor dents typical of a 30 year old car. Most of the rubber seals are original and, while in good shape, should eventually be replaced.

The car is running a built S13 SR20DET controlled by an AEM programmable engine management system. The engine runs beautifully and very strong. The engine has seen about 10,000 miles since it was rebuilt and installed.

The car weighs 2,150 lbs as pictured

The engine is expected easily make over 300Hp at the wheels at around 16-17 psi of boost. Dyno charts should be available in January 2007, check back for updates.

VIDEO of the car doing a 224 RWHP pull on a dyno. This was before the valve springs were upgraded and boost had to be limited.



Under the Hood

Suspension and Brakes



Click HERE for a complete spec list of all the modifications on the car.

Included with the purchase of the car is a P2 laptop computer running the AEM EMS software and a main roll hoop made from 1.5" DOM steel tubing. The roll hoop would make a perfect starting point for fabricating a roll bar/cage. Also included is a set of NOS rubber seals for the rear side windows.








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