The Parts Car

Here are some pictures of the parts car I bought. I was very lucky to find this, the timing could not had been better. The exterior was not well taken care of and had crash damage on the driver side. The interior, on the other hand, was in immaculate condition. The dash pad was perfect and all the panels were in perfect condition, and they were black. The owner said it did not run, but I did not care, I wanted it. A few Benjamins later, I was towing it home. This car provided the remaining parts I needed to get mine on the road.

Once the car was home, it sat outside and I picked parts off of it like a volture. The early style bumpers were in excellent shape, and I had them rechromed.

My intention was to one day convert my HL610 front end (left)to the PL610 style (right).

I saved everything I wanted off it, then gave the shell to someone for free.

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