About 1 year after I first dragged the car home, it was finally on the road, sporting the tired L20b and rough 4-speed manual. Suprisingly , the clutch that was in the car was still working, even after 12 years of sitting. I used the car as a daily driver for several months. The wheels are 16x7 Konig Rewinds.

Driving this car would get a lot of looks. Of all the people who wanted to chit-chat about it, not one person identified it as a 610. While it did drive, I despised the L20 and could not wait to pull it out.

The front bumper was the original one that came with the car, I modified the mounts to bring the bumper closer to the body. I was saving the PL610 front bumper for when I was ready to convert the whole front end.

I even had a chance to dyno the poor car. Horsepower is the darker line. Based on that graph, there is no use revving it past 3800 RPM, nothing happens in the higher RPM's except for more noise.

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