Engine Photos

The engine conversion was performed in 2008. The KA24DE is mostly stock, and runs off of the stock computer. A CONSULT port has been wired in and functions normally, the connector is located in the glove box.The engine does not leak a drop of any fluid, it is extemely clean. Extra attention has been paid to every detail.
The strut tower brace is currently installed on the car, some of the older pictures do not show it. This was designed and fabricated by me spefically for this car in 2009.
This is the most recent photo of the engine bay.

This is a custom fabricated MAF adapter made specifically for this car.

Custom fan brackers were designed and waterjet cut, then powder coated specifically for this project.

The 3" exhaust is 100% stainless steel and is all TIG welded. It features a 16" resonator and a staight thru magna flow stainless steel muffler. The exhaust tip is from a MKIV Supra. Installed inside the exhaust tip is a silencer that can be removed at any time.

The engine control harness passes through the firewall via a circular bulkhead connector.

Custom fuel rail modified to accept AN fittings.