The exterior of the car features an early style front end with early style front and rear bumpers that were rechromed in 2007. The paint color is pale yellow to match the vintage of the car. There is no floorboard, fender, quarter panel or roof rust. The emblems, radio antenna, and side mirrors have all been shaved to emphasize the free flowing body lines. Fenders are not flared or rolled. These fenders are huge compared to a 510 and it is possible to fit some very wide tires without body modifications with the proper offset wheels. The exterior chrome trim pieces have all been polished and refreshed and installed with new plastic snap-type fasteners. The front end lights have all been rewired with new wiring and relays, The BMW projector headlights add modern-day lighting for excellent night visibility.

The projector headlights required some pockets to be fabricated into the engine bay sheet metal. Also shown in this picture are some of the holes that were welded closed in the engine bay. In total, 67 holes were welded closed and smoothed over in the engine bay. Furthermore, unnecessary brackets were removed.

The stut towers and surrounding seams were also stitch welded for added rigidity.