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Jan.14,2010 CAR HAS BEEN SOLD !!
Look for it turbocharged in NorCal!

1974 Datsun 610 Hardtop (coupe)
Location: Portland, Oregon
Posted: September 2009

This rare Datsun 610 is the result of countless hours of restoration and tasteful modification. It is truely one of a kind. Every component was carefully selected to compliment the rest of the car. This has resulted in a car that is greater than the sum of its parts.
The body, interior and suspension restoration was carried out throughout 2006/07, with the engine conversion coming later
in the spring of 2008. The car is rarely driven and always garage kept.
The front end of the car has been converted to the "early style" which features grille, fenders, front lower valence, and bumpers from a 1973 610.
It can perform daily driver duties if asked, as well as long trips. It's (relatively) quiet interior and comfortable Recaro seats make long trips enjoyable. The interior is more spacious than a 510 and was originally designed to be more "luxurious". But dont be misled. It handles as good as a 510 and has enough torque to always launch you forward no matter what RPM.
This car has less than 3,000 miles on it since the engine conversion was completed in spring 2008.
There are no known issues with the car, it runs extremely reliably. When driving it feels solid, no suspension clunks or weird noises, just the exhaust tone. Car has never been drag raced, autocrossed or road raced.
See the SPEC SHEET for a detailed list of everything on or in the car.



Purchase Details:
The car will be sold as shown in the picutres. Additional photos can be requested. There is no warranty written or implied. Any spare parts currently on hand will be included with the purchase. Included with the car is a complete 1974+ front end conversion consisting of 1974 grille, fenders, and lower front valence, all painted the same as the car. These are the the parts that were on the car when I bought it. I restored all of them and they are in excellent condition. This front end conversion can be swapped on/off as desired. If shipping the car, these items will be packed carefully into the car.

Shipping: If the buyer needs to have the car shippped, it is the buyer's responsibility to arrange for the transportation. I will make all efforts to be flexible and meet the transporter to deliver the car.


The TURBO option :
The asking price shown above reflects how the car sits now, as shown in the pictures. Before deciding to sell the car, I was actively researching a turbo conversion for it. I would like to offer the buyer the option to purchase the car with the complete turbo system installed and tuned. For an additional fee (on top of the base car selling price), I would perform the complete turbo system conversion. It would consist of the following:
1. T3/T4E Garrett hybrid turbocharger (.48A/R exhaust housing), oil cooled, journal bearing, internal wastegate
2. Front mount intercooler
3. Custom fabricated aluminum charge pipes with silicone couplers

4. Upgraded fuel injectors
5. Ceramic coated JGS Turbo exhaust manifold "log style" with custom turbo placement
6. Custom 3" stainless steel downpipe
7. Wideband oxygen sensor
8. Custom air intake tube
9. Synapse Engineering synchronic blow off valve

10. AEM programmable Fuel/Ignition Controller (FIC)
11. AEM manifold absolute pressure sensor
12. Any custom brackets, small parts, oil feed/return lines, etc.
13. Modified oil pan (for oil drain back)
14. All parts would be powder coated/plated/etc. to keep with the "black engine" theme.

The buyer would be presented with a full list of parts with pricing and would approve the build before anything is bought.

The turbo system would be installed in an ultra-clean manner, consistent with the rest of the engine bay. The car would be professionally dyno tuned to ensure optimum fuel and spark. Dyno results would be supplied to the buyer.
With the above conversion, the car could easily put down about 250-300Hp at the wheels. Exact details can be discussed with the buyer to ensure that the conversion is done how they want it. I have several years experience engineering turbo conversions and you can be sure that it will be done in the utmost professional manner. If the buyer requests any items not on the list, the cost of the items would be added to the balance.
If the buyer did opt for this, a 50% (of base car+turbo option sales price) non-refundable deposit would be required up front for work to begin.
I would ask for 3 months after deposit is received to complete the conversion at which point the remaining balance would be due.
The buyer would be updated on a regular basis with photos and discussions.