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07-08 Adam Burish

Burish emerged as a tough guy and leader for the young Hawks in 07-08, earning the assistant's A and taking on heavyweights such as Boogaard.  A tough player who earned led the University of Wisconsin as Captain to the NCAA championship as a Senior.

2007-08 home red  Reebok Edge Ver. 1.0 Adam Burish.  Bears the 'WWW' patch, honoring longtime owner William W Wirtz, who passed away just before the season started.  Nice wear, marks, pulls, burns, some paint transfer and one repair.  Some interior pilling.  The Wirtz patch is also the more 'puffy' type, which was made locally for the first set of jerseys.  Another patch, which is a flatter stitching, was affixed to later jerseys.

The Edge material is a 'wickening'-type that was supposed to revolutionize the game...  making players 16% faster, jerseys more form-fitting, and remain dryer during gameplay.  Unfortunately, Reebok's R&D sucked and the players hated them, as the jerseys repelled their sweat so much that it all ran down into thier gloves and skates.  The Edge Ver 2.0 was introduced later in the year, these jerseys had the same cut & look, but were made from regular airknit material, as jerseys had been made for years...  The Hawks wore 2 sets of the Ver 1.0 (one for 2+ months, the other for a few games) and 1 set of the Ver. 2.0's in 07-08.