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My collecting 'goal' is to have an example of every jersey type (home & road) the Blackhawks have worn from 1980 to present while not duplicating players.  I also like 'scrappers', as you can probably tell by my player selections. 

The Hawks have had the same jersey 'look' going back to the 55-56 season, but as you will see, there are subtle differences from year to year.  The Hawks had differences in their jerseys nearly every year in the 80's, which makes it easier to determine what year a particular jersey was worn if you know what to look for.

Year Player Jersey Maker/Type H/R/Alt/TBTC? # Patch? Matched? Notes
1979-81 Keith Brown Coane Dureen Road 4   Y Great wear
1981-82 Doug Wilson Sandow Dureen Home 24   Y Norris trophy year
1983-84 Behn Wilson CCM Ultrafil Knit Road 23   N Dazzle crest
1983-84 Steve Ludzik CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 29   Poss 'Flat' crest, Hammered
1984-85 Darryl Sutter CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 27 C Poss Great wear
1984-85 Eddie Olczyk CCM Mesh Road 16   N Rookie year
1985-86 Tom Lysiak CCM Ultrafil Knit Road 12   N Final year
1986-87 Steve Larmer CCM Ultrafil Knit Road 28   Y Hammered
1986-87 Rick Paterson CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 26   Y  
1987-88 Dirk Graham CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 33   Y Great wear
1988-89 Wayne Presley CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 17   Poss  
1988-89 Dirk Graham CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 33 C Y Hammered
1988-89 Jim Playfair CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 39   Ref rare tackle twill crest
1989-90 Greg Gilbert CCM Ultrafil Knit Road 14   Y  
1990-91 Dave Manson CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 3 AS Y Kicked Stevens' ass in this
1991-92 Stu Grimson CCM Ultrafil Knit Road 23 75th Y AS patch removed
1991-92 John Tonelli CCM Ultrafil Knit TBTC 72 75th Y Great wear
1991-92 Igor Kravchuk CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 3 SCF Y Great wear
1991-92 Steve Smith CCM Ultrafil Knit Road 5 SCF Y  
1992-93 Jeremy Roenick CCM Ultrafil  Knit Road 27 100yr Y Hammered
1993-94 Cam Russell CCM Ultrafil Knit Home 8   N Tear-away sleeves
1993-94 Cam Russell CCM Ultrafil Knit TBTC 8   Ref One game wonder
1993-95 Brent Sutter CCM Airknit Home 12 A Y Last game at Chicago Stadium, won last faceoff in Stadium
1994-95 Jim Cummins CCM Airknit Home 15   Y  
1995-96 Bob Probert CCM Airknit Home 24   Y Nice wear, 1st home Hawks jersey
1996-97 Eddie Belfour Nike Airknit Home 30   Poss  
1997-98 Reid Simpson Nike Airknit Road 33   Y Great abuse
1999-00 Michael Nylander ProPlayer Airknit Road 92 2000 Y Nice wear
2000-01 Dean McAmmond CCM Airknit Road 19 75th & HHOF Y Great wear
2000-01 Steve Sullivan CCM Airknit Alt. 26 75th Y  
2001-02 Tony Amonte CCM Airknit Road 10 C Y Great wear
2002-03 Alexei Zhamnov CCM Airknit Home 13 C & HFC Ref One game wonder
2003-04 Ryan Vandenbussche CCM Airknit Road 14   N Great abuse
2003-04 Travis Moen CCM Airknit Home 59 SOTB N One game wonder
2005-06 Todd Simpson Reebok Airknit Home 27 Katrina N One period wonder
2006-07 Duncan Keith Reebok Airknit Home 2 Garth Brooks Ref One game wonder
2007-08 Adam Burish Reebok Edge 1.0 Home 37 WWW N  
2007-08 Brent Seabrook Reebok Edge 1.0 Road 7 WWW Y