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We are Superbad International,

a “transatlantic rock” band duo living in both Bangor (N. Ireland) and Baltimore (USA).  SI was formed in August 2008 when David was traveling on business in Chicago where Scott was living.  We soon discovered our mutual interest in both music and alcohol!  So, not letting a few thousand miles deter us, steady remote song writing and recording has taken place ever since.  Finally, in November 2010, David was able to make his way back to Chicago, during which time 6 new songs were recorded over two partial weekends, resulting in the release of our first album, “Greedy Measures”.  Back in our separate countries now 2 years later, we have successfully released our second album, “Single Malt Rock”.  Now it’s on to album #3!!

Dispatches from our transatlantic bar…


3/3/13 – It’s another March and that means St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner!  Check out our “Green, Green River” song on the front page of the official Green Chicago River website!


12/12/12 – We have officially released our Single Malt Rock album!!  Visit our “Music” page and enjoy!  Cheers.


2/24/12 – We are very happy to announce that our song/video “Green, Green River” is now on the front page of the official Green Chicago River website!


12/31/11 – Happy New Year!!  Here’s a newly recorded transatlantic song for tonight!

Auld Lang Syne



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