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Super Kid Icarus An Angel Land Story Retold

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About Super Kid Icarus

Super Kid Icarus is an enhanced remake of the classic Nintendo (NES) game Kid Icarus and was developed by Flip Industries. The overall gameplay remains true to the original Kid Icarus with some minor enhancements to improve the feel. The cheats remove the frustrations of Kid Icarus.

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Development of Super Kid Icarus

Super Kid Icarus was developed by Flip Industries as a hobby and to learn ActionScript 3.0 programming for use with the Adobe Flash/Air platform. Careful study of the original game allowed this flash update to keep the feel, tone and overall play style of the original Kid Icarus game. However, Super Kid Icarus makes use of newer technologies such as parallax scrolling, MP3 sound, 16-bit sprites and so much more.

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A Final Note

Super Kid Icarus is continuously updated. Development of Super Kid Icarus never stops. Show support any way you can and be sure to bookmark us and check back often for updates.