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The Radio Shop

My primary play area. The desk came from a Publix supermarket trash pile. The Tektronics 453 scope is a freebie from IBM surplus. The Heathkit sine/square wave generator is an Ebay ten dollar find which I restored. The PACO signal generator was also a ten-dollar Ebay find. I also have a frequency counter from Ebay that retails for over three hundred dollars. Got it for twelve dollars. I always wondered if it was hot.... Note the tube amplifier. That is one of my creations. Click on HiFi Amplifier on the home page for an extensive write-up. Note the 'dim bulb' tester on the desk and the isolation transformer beneath the scope. When testing, they are an absolute necessity for both protecting the radios and me.

Sometimes it takes a little persuasion to get those IF transformers aligned just right!

Here I am trimming the RF section...

Sometimes it pays to just walk away from those tough ones and meditate.