Cribbage Tournament info

Our weekly "tournaments" consist of playing nine games against nine different opponents. You score 0 game points for a loss, 2 for a win, and 3 for a skunk (winning by more than 30 points). At the end of the night the player with the most game points wins. Ties are broken first by the number of games won, then by the "spread" (the total points you won your games by, minus the total points you lost by). 

There is a $5 entry fee.  The winners will  get paid out according to the Payout schedule.  See Special Hand Schedule for a list of hands that are eligible each night.  In addition, if you get skunked you must put 25 cents into the skunk bank, which accumulates. If you score a 29 hand you get to take all of the money in the skunk, and a 28 hand gets you half the skunk. 

We have at least one pizza night and one dues free night, usually two, each season

All of our tournaments follow the same rules as in larger ACC tournaments, so that when you're ready to compete in these you'll know what you're doing. In addition the top scorers in our tournaments earn grass roots rating points, which accumulate throughout the year. Whomever has the most points at the end of the year earns an invitation to the ACC Tournament of Champions in Reno, Nevada.


** If you can think of any other hands that would be good to add, please email me.  Thanks!

Here is an example of 3 weekly tournament scorecards.