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The Surratt Family History

We started with General Fate Surratt. Fate was married three times. The first marriage was with Molly. Together this wonderful couple conceived five sons named Rueben Surratt, Ulysses Surratt, Willie James Surratt, Author Surratt and Sam Surratt.  Molly passed away and Fate married for the second time producing on daughter Lena (we are not sure of Lenaís mothers name.  Fateís second wife passed away and he married for the third and final time to Emily.  The union produced four children  Asa, Zora, Darthula and Horace. They were brothers and Sisters of the five eldest sons.  Fate was in his sixties when the last four children were born and Emily was in her thirties.  Emily passed away before her children were grown.  They were born in Havana, Arkansas.  They grew up in Porter, Oklahoma.  Fate Surratt was born in West India. Arthur and Reuben Surratt assisted their with raising their brothers and sisters.  Arthur had children of his own by this time.  Which meant some aunts and uncles were younger then their neices and nephews. 


Rueben Surratt lived in Porter, Oklahoma and he was a doctor, He did not have any children. Rueben was the 1st black doctor in the state of Oklahoma. He owned several acres of farmland that was shared with his brother Author. These last four children moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma as they grew up and then on to California. 


Asa Surratt settled in the Los Angeles area and the other three in Oakland, California.  Asa married and produced three children (Asa Jr., Mildred and Denise).  Asa was killed in a domestic situation in the late 1950ís.  Asa Jr. was also killed in the mid 1960ís. 


ZoraSurratt married Don Reed of Muskogee and produced six children (Darnell, Gloria, Donna, Carolyn, Jeanette and Victor). 


Darthula Surratt married Mr. Gilliam and produced four children (Floyd, Melvin, Howard and Mary).  She later married Mr. L.D. Roach. From Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


Horace Surratt married Edwynne Butler of Porter, Oklahoma and produced three children (Aretha, Barbara and Horace Jr.)  Edwynne passed away when Horace Jr. was one year of age.  Horace later married Julia Halliburton of Tulsa who helped him raise the children.  (Horace Jr. will be attending this years reunion).  


Ulysses Surratt lived in Kansas City and he was a Professional Singer in the Entertainment Business. He traveled throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois and Iowa. Ulysses had three sons and one daughter (Rueben, Melvin, Ulysses JR and Dorothy).


Willie James Surratt lived in Russelville, AR and he worked in the agricultural field (farmer). Willie also fathered a host of children. His first union produced three girls (Mora, Ben, Golda and Voisa). His second union to Idella Sanders (Vernell, Delta, Lucielle, Mentha, Rupert {Rev. Joe}, Reuben, Melvin, Willie James Jr. and Robert.


Arthur Surratt lived in Porter, OK and he also worked in the agricultural field (farmer). Reuben married Beller Holand and this union produced nine children ( Iola I, Inola, Lonnie, P.D.E., Eleathia, F.T.,  Gearsenia, A.C and Woodrow). 


Sam Surratt lived in England, AR and he worked in the agricultural field (farmer). He fathered three sons and two daughters.


Lena Surratt Ė  No information available.


Fate had a brother named Ė George Surratt, He was a very successful farmer who lived in Havana, Arkansas. George employed people of all different races. George fathered 12 or 13 children and they were the  first cousins of Fate Surratt's children. One of George's sons is Charlie Surratt and he still lives in Havanna and is in his late 80's.


Surratt Family History - As We Know It

July, 2004 - Information from Horace & Jennifer

 In the beginning, there was General Fate Surratt.   Thatís as far back as this leg of the family can go.  Trying to find information beyond Fate is difficult as he was a slave until his early teens.  County records show that there were several Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt slave holders in Henry, Humphrey and Benton Counties in Tennessee.

 According to the  best information we have, Fate and his Brother George, were born in Tennessee of parents from the West Indies.  Fate was born in 1852; George was born in 1864.

 Fate was married three times.  His first marriage was to Molly (unsure of the name) in 1878 -- his first five children were from this marriage:  Ulysses born 1875, Reuben born 1878 in Tennessee, Will born 1879 in Arkansas, Arthur born 1885 in Arkansas and Sam born 1887 in Arkansas. 

We donít know when Fateís first wife died, and there is no information available on his second marriage, except that they had a daughter, Lena.  At some point, Fateís second wife passed away.

Fate married a third time when he was 60 years of age 1912 in Havana, Arkansas.  He married the 23 year old Emily Johnson.  In 1918 or 1919, the family migrated to Porter, Oklahoma.  In the 1920 census for Wagoner County, Oklahoma, Fate is found at age 68, Emily at age 31 and their four children are noted:  Asa born in 1912, Zora born in 1914, Darthula born in 1916 and Horace born in 1918.  These four children were born in Havana, Arkansas.  Emily passed away at an early age and  that left Fate to raise these small children by himself in his seventies.

 Ulysses was Fateís first born Son.  He was born in 1875 in Tennessee.  He was married to Bettie Grant.  According to the 1910 census Ulysses and Bettie lived in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.  He was a professional singer and traveled throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois and Iowa.  Ulysses had three sons and one daughter:  Melvin born in 1909 in Texas, Reuben born in 1911, Ulysses, Jr. born in 1912 , and Dorothy born in 1914 all in Missouri.  There may have been more children, but the information we have stops at 1920.

 Fateís second Son was Reuben.  Rueben was born in 1878 in Tennessee.  He married Belle in Arkansas.  Rueben and Belle had no children of their own, but helped Fate raise his last four after Emily died.  Reuben was the first Black Doctor in the State of Oklahoma.  He owned several acres of farmland that was farmed by his younger brother Arthur.  Reuben passed away in 1954 and is buried in Porter, Oklahoma.  Belle is also buried in Porter.

Fateís third Son was William James Surratt.  Will was married twice.  His first wifeís name is unknown, however, we do know that three children were born to this marriage:  Voisa born 1903 in Arkansas, Moura born 1905 in Arkansas and Golden (Ben) born 1907 in Arkansas.  Will married a second time at age 33 to Miss Idella, age 18 in Arkansas.  Nine children were born to this marriage:  William, Jr. born 1912, Vernell born 1915, Rupert born 1917, Lucille born 1919, Deltha born 1920, Reuben born 1926, Melvin born 1928, Mentha born 1924 and RJ born 1931, all born in Arkansas.  Will died in 1931 when RJ was only two weeks old.  There is another brother named A.K.

 Arthur Surratt was the fourth Son of Fate Surratt.  He was born in Arkansas in 1885 and married Beller also in Arkansas.  In 1933 Arthur and Beller moved their family to Porter, Oklahoma.  Arthurís Brother Reuben and Father Fate were already in Porter according to the 1920 census information.  Arthur and Beller had eleven children, nine who lived to adulthood:  Lonnie, D.E., Iola, F.T., A.C., Inola, Woodrow, Eleatha, and Gearsenia.  Arthur was a farmer and farmed his own and his Brother Reubenís land in Porter, Oklahoma.  Arthur died in 1936 and is buried in Porter, Oklahoma.  Beller lived until 1963 and is also buried in Porter, Oklahoma.

Samuel was the fifth Son of Fate Surratt.  We have little information on Sam and his children.  Sam was born in 1887 in Arkansas.  He married Miss Arvie also in Arkansas and they had four children:  Stalin born in 1908, Old? (Daughter) born in 1911, A.Z. born in 1912 and Quinnie born in 1917 all in Arkansas.  There may have been more children, but we have no record.  He farmed for a living. We donít know if he followed the rest of the family to Oklahoma or Kansas.  He and his family can be found in the 1920 census for Pope County, Arkansas. 

 Fateís sixth child was a Daughter named Lena.  Lena never married and had no children.  She was closer in age to Fateís last four children and helped raise them after their Mother died.  In the fifties she babysat for Horace Jr., Aretha and Barbara while Horace Sr. and his second wife Julia worked.  These children knew that she was a strong disciplinarian and didnít believe in sparing the rod.  She enjoyed snuff and a stiff drink every now and then. She worked at a hotel and jumped out of a window during a fire which made one foot larger than the other.  She passed away in the early 1980ís in a rest home in Oklahoma City at the age of 95.  She was diabetic and had had both legs amputated at the knee.  We have no information on who her Mother was.

Fateís seventh child was a Son named Asa.  Asa was born in 1912 in Arkansas.  Moved to Porter with the family when he was still very young.  When he became an adult, he moved to Southern California and was a Limousine Driver for Greta Garbo.  Asa married Mildred in the late fourties.  They had three children:  Asa Jr., Mildred and Denise, all born in Los Angeles.  Asa was killed in a domestic dispute in the late 1950ís.  Asa, Jr. was also killed in the mid 1960ís.  Mildred still lives in Los Angeles and Denise lives in Indianapolis.

 Fateís eighth child was a Daughter named Zora Victoria.  Zora was born in 1914 in Arkansas and also moved to Porter with the family.  After high school, Zora attended Langston University for several years.  She then married Don Reed from Muskogee.  Their children were born in and around the Tulsa area:  Donald L. born 1937, Gloria born 1939, Carolyn Faye born 1943, and Donna born 1941, Jeanette born in 1947 and Victor born in 1951.  In the early 1950ís the family moved to San Francisco, California and eventually settled in Oakland. Don and Zora also helped raise a Nephew, Bobby Joe Reed born in 1938.  Bobby is considered a Brother by the Reed offspring. At the present time, Don L., Bobby Joe, Gloria, Jeanette and Victor still live in and around the Bay Area, Carolyn lives in Texas and Donna lives in Olathe, Kansas.  Don passed away in the early 1970ís and Zora passed away at the age of 69 in 1983.  They are both buried in Oakland, California.

 Fateís ninth child was a Daughter named Darthula.  Darthula was born in 1916 in Arkansas and also moved to Porter with the family.  Her first children were twins.  One of the twins became ill while still a small infant and didnít survive.  The surviving twin is Floyd Allen Gilliam, born in 1933 in Porter, Oklahoma.  Then followed a Son, Melvin born in Tulsa in 1935, another Son Howard was born in Tulsa in 1937, and the only Daughter, Mary, born in 1939 in Havana, Arkansas.  These children are all Gilliams.  Darthula married LD Roach and LD helped Darthula raise her children. LD had a Son, LD Jr. and a Daughter, Marie, who were also added to the family.  Darthula was called Dot by most people and Thu by her youngest Brother, Horace.  Dot and LD moved their family to Oakland, California in 1956. Dot and LD adopted and raised a Grandson, Claude (Butch) in 1959.  Dot passed away in 1988 and is buried in Oakland, California, and LD is still living in a convalescent home in Oakland.

 Fateís tenth and last child was a Son named Horace.  Horace was born in 1918 in Arkansas and moved to Porter with his family.  After high school graduation, he attended Langston University and then joined the Army.  Horace received a Purple Heart among other medals during World War II.  After his discharge he married Edwynne Butler of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they had three children all born in Tulsa:  Aretha born in 1947, Barbara born in 1948 and Horace Jr. born in 1950.  In 1951, when Horace was one year of age, Edwynne passed away from a brain tumor.  A few years later, Horace married Julia Halliburton who helped him raise his children.  Julia kept the children even after the couple separated.  In 1962, the children moved to Oakland, California to stay with their Aunt Dot and Uncle LD.  A year later, Horace moved to Oakland also and finished raising his children.  Aretha lives in San Leandro, California, Barbara lives in Union City, California and Horace Jr. lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Horace, Sr. passed away in 1995 and is buried in Oakland, California.

 Fate began having children in his twenties and didnít stop until he was in his sixties.  There are several generations after the oldest children and only two following the youngest children.  This has caused a lot of confusion among the descendants and hopefully what is written above will help us all understand a little better.