A little about me...



     As of July 2012 I am a 35 year old male living in Elgin, Ilinios with my girlfriend, my son, and my mother.  I was born in hollywood Florida, and raised in Brentwood, New York. I am currently attending Elgin Community College majoring in computer science.  My primary focus is programming, it is my carreer goal and I just enjoy it.  I consider myself an intermediate C++ programmer, I also know some C# and Java (enough to get by but I really should practice them more).  The majority of my time online is spent on the forum.


The purpose of this site...

    I intend to use this site as a personal developer page. I will discuss and post my programming projects.  Currently most of my projects where done as assignments, but I take pride in my code (not that I think its perfect) and feel no need to hide it. Everything is on the projects page and in the future I will post a corresponding blog post for each project to allow comments.  I encourage any and all constructive comments, I'm not looking for a pat on the back but rather anything I could/should be doing differently.  Thank you for reading.