Programming Projects

This page is dedicated to my assorted programming projects, most of which where assignments from a few different computer science courses.


C++ Projects


Console Projects


Fraction.h  fraction.cpp  - Fairly basic class for representing fractions and preforming simple   arithmetic operations on, ie, +, -, *, /


DoublyLinkedList.h - Linked list with links on both ends, template class.


SortedList.h - Sorted list inherits DoublyLinkedList.h, template class.


BinaryTree.h - Binary Search Tree template class.


BaseConverter.cpp - convert a positive base 10 number to bases 2 through 36.


Bitmap2.cpp - open a bitmap file manipulate it and save as new file WIP.



Graghics Magician Projects 

*Require GraphicsMagician libraries.


Tictactoe.cpp - A TicTacToe game with simple A.I.


Bitmap.cpp - A simple class to load and display a 1 bit BMP file.



 SFML Projects

* Requires SFML libraries 


SFMLProjectWizard - A Visual Studio 2010 custom project wizard that streamlines the creation of SFML projects. 


GameOfLife - a clone of Conway's game of life using SFML for drawing of game screen and Win32 for the interface.



 Win32 Projects - win forms app convert a number of base 2 through 36 to new base between 2 and 36.



 Java Projects

Android Projects


Unitconverter - A basic unit conversion utility developed as an independent study semester project. Developed by Sean Vogel and Robert Kahren.


C# Projects


RockPaperScissors - A very simple GUI rock paper scissors game, computer opponent only.


WarGUI (source and binary) - A very simple war card game, also only computer opponent.


RPSNet - An adapted version of the RockPaperScissors app that adds networking capabilities (includes client and server in the project). This was a learning experience only, the multiplayer player is iffy at best, but this was my first attempt at any network programming.