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We perform load calculations based on the information you provide in the
following form. We also can prepare single-line / diagrams based
on information supplied in the single-line / riser-diagram form.

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Single Line Form

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We accept:

Commercial Occupancy Information

Facility Name: 
Commercial  Address: 
                                     Chicago, Illinois 



Number of Floors: 

Total Square Feet: 

Many buildings in Chicago are not rectangles, the actual square footage
is based on floor plate for each commercial occupancy, include common
areas, basements, etc.

Occupancy Information (Reference CEC 18-27-220.3(a))

Select Commercial Occupancy From List Below

Apartment House (without cooking facilities)
Assembly hall
Barber shops and Beauty Parlor
Church Hall
Court Rooms
Garages - commercial (parking - storage)
Hotel or Motel
Industrial commercial (loft)
Industrial commercial (manufacturing)
Lodge room
Office building
Recreational Sports Facility
Movie Theatre
Warehouse (storage)

Basic Service Information

Enter available system voltage (verify with serving utility if required)

120/240V 1 phase, 3 wire
120/208V 3 phase, 4 wire
120/230V 3 phase, 4 wire
120/240V 3 phase, 4 wire
277/480V 3 phase, 4 wire
480V 3 phase, 3 wire
208V 3 phase, 3 wire
Select main service configuration

Where more than one occupancy is installed use 1 form for each
occupancy.  Example:  A strip mall with 2 restaurants and
8 individual retail stores.  Fill out 10 separate forms for each occupancy
indicating in the Overall Additional Comment that the load is part of an
overall project.

Interior mounted modular metering within indoor metering room

Exterior modular metering

Ganged meters without main OCD

Enter main overcurrent device type
For interior modular metering with MLO load centers
Indicate main OCD of modular metering.
For exterior modular metering with MCB load centers
Indicate main OCD of modular metering.
Indicate the OCD of the individual load centers, for up to six ganged
meters without a main OCD.
Circuit Breaker
Fused Switch

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Two methods of calculating the kitchen equipment load are available

Method #1 (the easiest)
Find the total electrical load of the kitchen equipment (usually on the kitchen
consultants construction documents)

Enter total load (watts of kitchen equipment (excluding space-heating,
ventilating or cooling equipment) Below


Enter number of fixed kitchen appliances 

Method #2

Enter information for each piece of all kitchen equipment ( excluding
space-heating, ventilating or cooling equipment) Below
We make the following assumptions:
Check all applicable fixed kitchen appliances listed below: and fill in
approximate equipment wattage.
Fixed Kitchen Equipment
Dishwasher  Watts
Garbage Disposal  Watts
Trash Compactor  Watts
Wine Storage Refrigerator  Watts
Ice Maker  Watts
Non Standard Refrrgerator  Watts
Fixed microwave  Watts
Kitchen exhaust fan  Watts
Non-Standard Freezer  Watts
Electric Fryer  Watts
Pizza Oven (Electric)  Watts
Ice Maker > 5000 W  Watts
Coffee Urn < 5000 W  Watts
Coffee Urn > 5000 W  Watts
Multiple items may be chosen.

We base our calculations on worst case industry standards, not the actual installed
equipment unless specific information is provided.

Fixed Kitchen Equipment Additional Comments:

Electric Water Heating Equipment (Reference CEC 18-27-220.3(b)(1))

Indicate size (wattage) of electric water heating equipment.

Electric Water Heater (Watts)

Show Window Lighting (Reference CEC 18-27-220.3(b)(7))

Indicate linear feet of show window lighing.

Show window lighting in lineal feet

Fixed Multioutlet Assemblies (Reference CEC 18-27-220.3(b)(8))

Indicate linear feet of fixed multioutlet assemblies.
Indicate total length of fixed multioutlet assemblies in lineal feet
Select use of multioutlet assemblies from list below:

Appliance connected to outlets are unlikely to be used simultaneuosly.
Appliance connected to outlets are likely to be used simultaneuosly.

General Purpose Receptacles (Reference CEC 18-27-220.3(b)(9))

Enter total number of general purpose receptacles. (do not include
receptacles for fixed equipment listed elsewhere on this form)

Total General Purpose Receptacles

Central Air conditioning Equipment

Indicate size of central air-conditioning equipment. Check all that apply. If more than
1 size indicate number of each size in comment box. (i.e. 2 10 Ton, 1 25 Ton)

1 Ton
1 1/2 Ton
2 Ton
2 1/2 Ton
3 Ton
3 1/2 Ton
4 Ton
5 Ton
7 1/2 Ton
10 Ton
15 Ton
20 Ton
25 Ton
30 Ton
40 Ton
50 Ton

Multiple items may be chosen.

We base our calculations on worst case industry standards, not the actual installed

Central Air Conditioning Additional Comments:

Contractor Information
Supervising Electrician:         
Contractor Name:                
Contractor Address:             
Contractor Phone:               
Contractor Fax:                 
Overall Additional Comments:

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