Who's Who in Swordcliffshire

(roughly in order of precidence)

Maitresse Genevieve Chastisse de Vaucresson
is a 16th century French woman, the daughter of a farmer with properties on the outskirts of Paris.   Genevieve spent time in Italy where she was 'adopted' by and became friends with a group of ladies from the city once known as Constantinople, who in sharing the foods and dances of their lands gave her a love for all things eastern.  Later, in 1569, her path took her to England where she found she could make a living as a seamstress to the noble ladies of the Queen's court. Later, missing the "adventure thing", she absconded once again to Istanbul, and was not long after over the border into Northern India and has since fallen in with a tribe of Rajasthani swordswomen.

Personal home page: http://home.comcast.net/~karida/genevieve.htm
Master Jhondo Oakenshield
was born of mixed ancestry in England sometime after the Vikings took over. His mother, a lady's maid and a petite woman with notably hairy toes, passed down to him a blue hood with a silver tassel, rumored to have belonged to his grandfather. His father was one of Harald Hardradda's raiders. Jhondo's early life was spent as a foot-soldier/archer in the first Crusade, and thus he has toured the high points of southern Europe and the Saracen lands. Currently he resides as a lay brother, with his wife, at the Cistercian Monastery at Scarborough.
Baron Devin Breighallach
is the former peasant son of Irish peasants from County Wicklow who has made big bucks during Queen Anne's War, and is now a travelling soldier. Not afraid of exotic foreign places and foods, he has experienced Scotland, England, France, and Italy. He lives where he lives, where the job takes him, in God's Own Century - circa 1300's.
Her Ladyship Guillane de Vaux
Lady Cydeaux of Brittany
Lord Padraig O'Conchobhair of Connacht
Lady Corasande of Starhill
Lady Elayne Jayne of Evenford
is a fair lady of the Manor, residing in the countryside somewhere in England near the Welsh border at the end of the 12th Century. Her parents, and herself for that matter, are rumoured to have engaged in questionable business dealing with their geographic neighbors, but nothing has been proven. A music lover, with no evident marital ties, this lady of mystery will most likely be found fiddling around.
Lady Rowena of the Rowanwood
is the daughter of a viking merchant and a lady of the Russ. She accompanied her father on many of his trading voyages and so has developed and interest in the various people of the known world, their cultures and their diets. (She likes to cook as is apparent from her figure.) Rowena also takes an interest in the types of music for a particular culture. Therefore, she can usually be found pestering other folk to try to pick their brains regarding their people.
Tan Po
was born in ancient China during the Yuan Dynasty, later orphaned and taken into a monastery at the tender age of 3. His lineage among the monks has him belonging to one of the rare sects that is allowed to indulge in fermented beverages and to eat meat. An ambassador residing now in a temple in Rome, he has journeyed there via Mongolia, India, and Nepal.
Thorgeirr in Vikverski Karlsson
is the son of honest Norse merchants (yes, really), who makes his fame as a poetically inclined archer and scout for the royal army of the Midrealm. His bardic skills have earned him royal accolades, however he humbly resides in the countryside
Lord Thomas de Cordova
was the son of a Norman father and a Saxon mother, and that was just the start of his problems... A soldier-of-fortune, largely unfortunate, and a crusader with King Richard, he is currently residing in England, having been chased out of Spain, France, Italy and the Holy Land. The city guard is currently looking for him to collect a fine over where he parked his horse last. (the horse has been booted). Thomas is a follower of fashion, with garb designed by the house of the Brothers Warner (as modelled by Lord Errol of Flynn).
Lady Anne Roberts
Lady Halena MacBean
Lady Katrina
avoids officials lest they make her appear in the courts of the nobility since she would usually rather be using her time in cooking and feeding the masses, or weaving and sewing. Born in Germany, later married to an Irish Baron, she lives wherever he does.
Gunther von Sachsenhausen
a former alchemist, is rumoured to have once snuck a hallucinogen into Tycho Brahe's wine at a party and is currently wanted in Finland for "deflowering and defiling" (and who knows what else in Denmark and Estonia...). Having since developed a new lens-grinding technique, this widowed city-dweller currently works for the Graf in Germany, in the year 1349, and is apparently hiding a time machine somewhere.
Brighid Denyw
is the widow of a merchant, and is continuing the business she was instrumental in his success at. Now very wealthy, thus above those who would scoff at her pagan ways, she was the daughter of a a Welsh bard and a Scottish herbalist (well, witch, to tell the truth). Brighid still lives in Wales in the castle town of King Llewellyn.
Tokudou Shogen
is a former temple monk of 1300's Japan, now itinerant, finding work as he can. The son of peasants, he is quite happy when given money with which to indulge in his passions for green tea, noodles, and sushi.
Radegund, Grayson, Lady Emmelyne
St Ethyl the Martyr
The innocent victim of some knight named George, the patron saint of Swordcliff is famed for several miracles. Your chronicler is still trying to discern the thread of these tales to relate them here. In her spare time she poses for heraldic blazons, her favorite is "couchant".

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