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Last updated on 22 November 2003

22 November 2003
SWON, "Secret Weapons Over Normandy," arrived in stores this week, and as did a playable demo on several gaming web sites (see list).  So far, the reviews are good.  Unfortunately, the hardware requirements for the game, and the 160 MB demo, are rather high, so I won't be playing it for sometime....  But, for those of you who can, or who just want to find out more, check out these sites:
|  TG's SWON page  |  OverNormandy.Com mirrors LA's SWON Page  |
LucasArts Home  |  Totally Games Home  |

In addition to the message boards at Totally Games, Keith Heitman, has set up one specifically to discuss this new game.  Drop by and chat with other SWOTL/SWON fans at http://panzerblitz.proboards9.com

20 April 2003
"Secret Weapons Over Normandy," is what LucasArts is calling the SWOTL sequel.  "In Secret Weapons Over Normandy, you will be able to fly more than twenty realistic aircraft across a variety of combat theaters!"  Despite the name, it seems that Normandy, or even Europe, won't be the only place you get to try your combat flying skills.  For the first time since "Battlehawks 1942," a LucasArts flight sim will include the Pacific theater as well.  
Get lots more information at these locations:
LucasArts  |  Totally Games 

In addition to those at Totally Games, Keith Heitman, has set up a message board specifically to discuss this new sim.  Drop by and chat with other SWOTL fans at http://panzerblitz.proboards9.com

17 April 2002
Update: Did they hear us? It was announced on 17 April 2002 that LucasArts and Totally Games are working together on a new W.W.II combat sim! (Possibly to be called W.W.II Air Combat.)  Read the press release:
  LucasArts  |  Totally Games  |  Yahoo Financial News

So, it seems that my lack of faith in LucasArts was premature (see below).  But don't give up writing to them if there are things you want to see in the new sim. Let them know what made SWOTL superior to so many of its competitors.  Keep telling them what we loved about SWOTL; what set it apart from all the others; what made it the long lasting sim that it is.  Let them know how much you are looking forward to the continuation of Larry's wonderful work.

Some contact information is included in my original posting below, however, it may be best to post on the official message boards at Totally Games.  Keith Heitman, one of the original SWOTL fan hexmasters, has also started a message board about the new sim.

12 February 2002
Unfortunately, the Lucas Arts Entertainment Company seems to have no interest in a sequel to SWOTL.  They are looking in different directions (or other universes to be more precise) and think that W.W.II flight sims would be a wasted effort.  Others have not felt that way, however, as not too long ago we saw several new W.W.II sims released.  Sadly, none of them compared to the over all feel of SWOTL.  By maybe, just maybe, we can change their minds.  I have been unable to find an email address for Lucas Arts, but if anyone else comes up with one, I'll be sure to post it here!

Larry Holland was the brains behind the wonderful flight simulators produced by Lucas Arts Games.  He wrote Battlehawks 1942, in 1988, Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain in 1989 and finally SWOTL in 1990. He also used the software engine he developed as the basis for the first Star Wars space combat sims in the early 1990s.  Larry has since started his own company called Totally Games.  You might want to write to their Public Relations department.  Now understand that Lucas Arts holds the copyright to SWOTL, so Larry may not be able to write a SWOTL II.  However, he might talk LA into one, or he might just be able to write his own W.W.II sim, using his own special skills and ideas that made SWOTL so enjoyable for us all.

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