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These shots are of the Combat Search and Rescue demonstration from the 2010 Aviation Nation air show at Nellis AFB. The demonstration involved the rescue of a downed pilot, and included a pair of Pave Hawk helicopters, a F-16, and a A-10 for close support.
- Bernard Zee

I don't think the F-15 was part of the CSAR demo, but it took off at the same time, and did a fly by at the end with the F-16 and A-10.

The Eagle is painted in the 65th Aggressor squadron colors out of Nellis, which acts as the opposing force during training exercises.

Here's the F-16 taking off. I believe it's also based in Nellis.

The F-16 would provide high cover during the CSAR demo.

A-10 Thunderbolt II (or more commonly, Warthog) retracting its gear on takeoff. The A10 was designed to fly slow and low for precision close support work.

To start off, a HC-130 drops off a parachutist - which simulates the pilot which needs rescusing.

No ordinary transport, the HC-130 is optimized for extended range Combat Search and Rescue.

Look! A normal looking (non-stunt) parachute.

The F-16 streaks by to check that whether the coast is clear.

Followed by the A-10.

There were actually a 2 different HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters flying the demo.

Not too common to see the A-10 and F-16 flying side by side!

The HH-60 has its roots in the UH-60 Blackhawk, but is fitted out especially for CSAR operations.

With upgraded communications and navigation suites, automatic flight control system, forward looking infrared system, the Pave Hawk is capable of both day and night operations.

Hovering close to the ground, troops fastrope down to help secure the area.

The 2nd helicopter circles around for support and acts as a backup.

One of the two 7.62mm miniguns can be seen above the front landing gear. Also prominent is the refueling probe, which greatly extends the HH-60's range.

The A-10 flies a close in racetrack pattern.

A nice shot of the Pave Hawk with Sunrise mountains in the background.

Here's a great sequence where he makes an agressive turn.

With a head-on view of the HH-60, both miniguns can be seen pointing out the side.

Love this view of the Pave Hawk. Very aggressive looking for a rescue helicopter!

The F-16 makes a final high speed pass with afterburner.

After the pilot is picked up the A-10, F-15, and F-16 join up for a nice formation pass.

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