BZs Nellis - Civilian Acts 2010

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These are some of the civilian acts which flew at the 2010 Aviation Nation air show at Nellis AFB. Included are: Tim Weber in the Geico Extra 300, Ed Hamill in his Dream Machine biplane, and RV formation flyers.
- Bernard Zee

Here's Tim Weber taking off in his Geico Extra 300S for a warmup routine early in the morning.

Tim flies a really great aerobatic routine, tossing the plane through the air like a gymnastic floor routine!

This is a Nanchang CJ-6A, a basic trainer built by China.

Ed Hamil flying his Pitts based Dream Machine.

In the past Ed's plane had the Air Force Reserve logos on it, but I guess they're not currently a sponsor.

Ed is a Lt.Col in the Air Force Reserves, and files the F-16 as well as being an instructor pilot. He just completed a 4 month deployment and missed much of the 2010 air show season.

He did make it back in time for the 2010 Nellis air show to thrill audiences with his nice and close-in aerobatic routine.

Was able to reach out nicely to get a tight shot of his fly-bys.

Taking to the air at the same time are a group of RV flyers.

Meanwhile, Ed Hamil taxies by for a closeup.

Looks like he's propping up the canopy to get some fresh air.

Some more RVs take to the sky.

Over 20 RVs are in this formation flight. The RVs are light homebuilt kit planes made by Vans, named after the designer Richard VanGrunsven.

The group split into smaller formations, which flew separate patterns for the show.

The planes are flown by civilians with very different day jobs. They did a great job flying those tight formations.

I believe the RV kit planes are considered Experimental aircraft - as labelled on this silver example.

I thought the piston kills were kind of funny on this plane. Feels like it's a very time intensive passon!

Some of the pilots were videoing with one hand while taxiing with the other!

Tim Weber takes to the air again in his Extra300S.

Flipping the plane end over end, just amazing what he can do with that plane!

Harder to get a close in shot since the routine is flown further out.

Here's Tim doing his victory lap at the conclusion of his show.

Not really part of the show, this police helicopter dropped in right at twilight - after the conclusion of the air show.

After a quick landing, the MD-500 took off again, and flew almost directly overhead.

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