BZs Nellis 2010 - Jetcar

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Bill Braack and his Smoke-n-Thunder Jet car put on a most impressive display at Nellis! I think I enjoyed the pre-race 'burn outs' even more than the actual race. Bill has one of the most riveting acts at an air show, and he's a lot of fun to watch!
- Bernard Zee

The jet car has an impressive Westinghouse J34-48 jet engine to motivate it. Here's Bill making a huge fireball out the back end of that engine!

The jet engine makes these cool popping noises as Bill dumps the fuel on and off the afterburner.

Really cool shot of the jet car shooting flames in front of the Thunderbirds!

Of course, the pre-race fire and smoke is for show effects only. When he's trying to go fast, it doesn't look anything like that.

Don't know how he makes all that smoke. Maybe oil gets dumped into the engine?

But Bill really knows how to work it! First he gets a huge plume of smoke, then light it all up with the flames from his afterburner.

As can be seen here, the jet car is looks little more than a frame with wheels built around the jet engine. :-)

The jet car will race a flying biplane from a standing start.

Here's what the engine looks like when it's really putting out the power. They claim 400mph in 8 seconds! I can't even imagine what a thrill that must be like!

Naturally, the jet car wins. The jet car ALWAYS wins!!! (well, maybe once in a blue moon, the plane it races goes faster than planned...)

That's Bill Braack, in his awesome Smoke-N-Thunder jet car, taking a victory lap (towed) in front of the crowd!

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