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These are some misc pictures of C-130, KC-135, USAF Academy Wings of Blue parachute team, and Nellis Aggressor F-16s.
- Bernard Zee

Taking off is a USAF C-130 transport, carrying members of the Wings of Blue parachute team.

High overhead, the parachute team members free fall out of the C-130.

With smoke on, they plummet to earth for quite some time before popping their chutes.

These parachutes are quite manueverable, and allow the Wings of Blue to weave back and forth across the sky.

Getting ready to take off is the USAF KC-135 tanker.

Another parachutist exits the C-130, this one carrying the U.S. flag for the National Anthem.

standing proudly at attention for the Star Spangled Banner.

And here's the flag coming down to earth.

Paying respect to the flag.

At the last note of the Anthem, a pair of Nellis F-16 in agressor colors do a fly-by.

The C-130 back on the ground, here with some nice prop blur.

Here's the KC-135 taking off.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is also known as the 'Viper'. Believe it or not, after the nimble space fighters from the science fiction series Battlestar Galactica! Didn't know there were that many Sci-Fi fans in the AF did you? :-)

One of the Viper pilots smiling to the crowd.

A profile shot of the F-16, where the pilot can be seen doing a fist pump!

The KC-135 Stratotanker is based off a Boeing 707 airliner, and was the USAF's first jet powered refueling tanker.

In service since 1957, it's been flying for over 54 years!!

Perhaps not as glamorous as fighters or bombers, the tankers nevertheless play a crucial role for the U.S. military. Tankers allow planes to extend their range and payload, increase their time on station, and provide mission flexibility for the air force. It's nice to see Nellis showcasing the KC-135 at Aviation Nation with a fly-by.

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