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Many Tackett/Tackitt branches hold reunions. If you would like your branch reunion posted here, just send along an agenda with the name & address of the contact person(s) and we'll be glad to do so.

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We are aware of many reunions that have been held all over America, but mainly in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas & Mississippi.

The largest of the several reunions had been continuously held from 1957 thru 2000. It was first billed as The Tackett Reunion and then for many years it was known as The National Tackett Reunion. It is currently billed as the Annual Tackett Family Association Reunion, but it is not affiliated with the national Tackett Family Association. For most of these years, this exciting event was held on the 2nd Sunday in July at the Geo. F. Johnson Elem. School on Long Fork Rd., Virgie, Pike Co., KY.   Beginning about 1978, participants from many branches across the nation began attending. Attendance then blossomed from between 250 to some 800.  Quite a gathering!    The reunion was canceled in 2001 but later re-formed and is now held again on the 2nd Sunday in July in the same location in Pike Co., KY. For information please contact Paul E. Stringer, <pnstringer@alltel.net>.

Founders of this longest-standing Tackett Reunion were Hassell Tackett, 1903-1994, of Pikeville, Joseph Patterson "Joe P." Tackett, 1895-1971, of Prestonsburg, and Juble Tackett, 1922-1999, of Pikeville.

This reunion was held in an area with the largest concentration of TACKETT/TACKITT descendants in the U.S.: Pike Co., KY. At one time there was a U.S. Post Office there named "Tackitt, KY," active between 1881-1904. [See map below] Other active post offices in the immediate area, served at various times by "Tackitt, KY," included "Long Fork, KY," 1878-1888 and 1890-1894 and "Etty, KY," after 1904, and just recently discontinued. Part of the area was also later served by "Hartley, KY," 1900-1975 and now by "Virgie, KY," established in 1890. The area known as "Wales, KY," on Indian Creek, also has had large numbers of Tackett descendants resident there for over 150 years, as has the Beefhide Creek area, not shown, but nearly bordering the bottom of the map and extending to Letcher Co., KY. None of these are "towns," as might commonly be known, but post offices serving the area in the Shelby Valley. An interesting VHS video of the 29th Reunion (1987) is available from The Tackett Bookstore.

By the way, the first constable selected by the County Commissioners for the Shelby Valley,just after Pike Co., KY was formed in 1821, was George W. Tackitt Sr., c1804-1852 and one of these early Commissioners was Elder William Tackitt Sr., 1779-1851, a pioneer Baptist preacher and an 1817 settler in the valley.

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The area below is taken from a larger area map available free from Jim W. Tackitt, 260 Bella Vista Way, rio Vista, CA 94571. Please send along a #10 or #9 SASE with your request. Thanks. The Reunion has been helf for many years at the Geo. F. Johnson Elem. School noted on the map below.

Some historic spots you might want to see when visiting this area:

1. The Mathew Tackett Cem. at Melvin, Floyd Co., KY [Just over Abner Mt. from Wales]
2. The Amil Little Cem. at Buck Tackett Branch, Long Fork Rd. [near Hartley]
3. The W.F. "Frank" Tackett Cem., Long Fork Rd. [Near the G.F. Johnson Elem. School]
4. The Long Fork Church of Old Reg. Baptist, est. 1866, on Long Fork Rd.
5. The Enterprise Church of Old Reg. Baptist, est. 1889 on Indian Creek Rd.
6. The Old Newsome Cem., Penny Rd., Newsome Br.
7. The Chestnut Orchard Cem., at Abel Tackett Br. [At old 'Tackitt, KY"]
8. The Potter Cem. at Yeager [just off new freeway]
9. The Rissie Branham Cem. near Penny
10. The Booker Wright Cem., Long Fork Rd. at Booker Fk.
11. The Old Johnson Cem., Speight off Bailey Br.
12. The Jack Osborne Cem. at Turkey Pen [turn off at Enterprise Church & go to end of road]
13. The Eli Elswick Cem. on Marshall's Br.
. . .and if you've got time, visit the historic old coal mining town of WEEKSBURY in Floyd Co. [Sorry, no super markets or Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets there!]
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