Stargate SG-1

For Mile Hi Con 2004 and Halloween of that year, I decided utilize some creative freedom and invent a Goa'uld costume. Stargate SG-1 implies that there are hundreds of Goa'uld out there, so this generic costume falls into that category.

October 2004

Mile Hi Con 2004 Stargate Skit
Mile Hi 2004 Stargate costume group


This costume was put together from start to finish in 10 days, including construction of the ribbon device, so the outfit is a simple one. I used Simplicity 5359 for the top and Butterick 3587 for the skirt. The black material has a subtle pattern in the weave.

Ribbon Device

The finger caps and rings were made from sculpty, and painted with gold acryllic paint. The springs attaching the center jewel to the fingers were placed in the finger caps as they were molded, and baked in-situ. The jewel is actually the cap to one of those little plastic egg-like containers that you buy knee-high nylons in. The ribbon and the thumb strap are brass, cut from a strip and wrapped around a broom handle to achieve the desired shape. After utterly unsucessful attempts at saudering with a butane torch, I settled for using epoxy to attach the metal dohickey to the top of the ribbon on the front of the hand.

Mile Hi Con and Wings Over the Rockies Halloween Event 2004

Some friends and I decided to enter the Mile Hi costume contest, just for the fun of the experience together. Our skit was put together and practiced about 20 minutes before the show started, but to our surprise, we actually won a novice presentation award for "Best Rescue". Alas, my character was killed by the hostile Tau'ri of Earth... but I had my revenge at the Wings Over the Rockies Halloween Event a week later.

Dor'c, First Prime of Adoofus and Andraste, Wings Over the Rockies Halloween Event 2004
Victory against SG-14 and their Tok'ra allies at the Wings Over the Rockies Halloween Event 2004