The Kayaks

Several friends conspired during the summer of 1999 to hook me on kayaking.  One friend built a beautiful CLC Tred Avon.  Another kept talking about several old Klepers that could be had for a song if we could just make the right connections.  The sea caves of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are made for kayaks to explore.  The final straw was discovering Nick Schade's website  Guillemot Kayaks .  Soon the plans for "Little Auk" were on the way and my basement was converted to a boatshop.  Besides, winter has come to Minnesota and I needed something to keep the boating dream alive.  The Little Auk was launched the summer of 2000.  As we all have found out, once you build one it is difficult to stop!  Winter of 2000 saw the construction of a CLC Mill Creek 16.5.  This kayak was constructed as a hybrid (stitch and glue plywood hull with a strip deck).  The current project is a Micro-Bootlegger. Waiting on the shelf iate the plans for a Night Heron.

The Little Auk

  The Mill Creek 16.5


  The Micro Bootlegger

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