Yawl of America

After years of racing small boats the lure of bigger water struck hard.  I have a fascination with yawls. They have always caught my eye as the most graceful of boats.  Unfortunately this is a boat style that is out of favor and is fairly rare in the midwest.  During a several year search I looked at the Allied Sea Breeze, Alberg 35, Pearson 35,Hinckley Pilot 35, Hinckley Bermuda 40, Tartan 27, Bristol 32 and the Block Island 40.  The Bermuda 40 remains my ideal boat but until I win the lottery a more practical solution was needed.  I subscribed to Soundings for two years and through a search of its ads discovered the Glander Tavana.

The Yawl of America is a Tavana yawl from Glander Boats Inc, Tavernier Florida.  She is a 33 foot, keel/centerboard yawl.  Glander began production of the Tavana in 1961.  The majority of the boats were sold as kits with Glander completing the hull and deck only.  As such the finish of these boats varies greatly.  Some have "early shag carpet" interiors and others are beautifully appointed.

The hull of Yawl of America was laid in 1975.  The beautiful teak interior was completed by builders unknown in 1976.  She was titled in Florida during January, 1997 as "Alii Nui Lua".  which is Hawaiian for something.  Rumor from the broker was that it is the name of a Hawaiian princess but this has not been confirmed by any reliable source.

I purchased Alii Nui Lua the summer of 1997 and had her trucked to her new home on Lake Superior.  A name change to Yawl of America, home port Bloomington, Minnesota was completed as part of the federal documentation process.  Our primary sailing area is the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Interior photos

More info on refitting of the Yawl of America to be included at a later date.
Updated on 12/1/1999
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