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The Surnames and their related lines currently being researched are: BURTON, CLEMENTZ, CONROY, HAAS, HECKMAN, KEFFER, KITZMILLER, MACHAMER, MULLINS , SANDERS, STRUPE, WILSON, WOLFF, YATES

We participated in the Wolff DNA Project in an effort to determine whether Alex's paternal line really connects back to Adam Wilhem Wolff. The results are in and we have more evidence that Daniel, son of Frederick Lorenz Wolff, was actually a stepson. Now, we face the big brick wall - Who was Daniel Wolff?

Jasper Wolff

These pages contain the on-going family history research project of Taj Wolff. This is a work in progress so be sure to check back soon for updated information. The surname index is nearly complete, but I'll continue to add names. Please use the form at the bottom to send me corrections and/or additions. Lines that are indexed are underlined links. Because of the way my master files are set up, surnames may be listed on more than one page and may have more ancestors attached in one location than the other. Please click on several surnames to make sure you don't miss the one you're looking for. Click on the surname to go the page of all associated surnames. To contact us, use the form at the bottom of the page. All information is copyrighted and may be used with permission. Please don't request that I remove you or your family from this database. I do not publish personal information on living persons. The information I publish is a matter of public record.

The earliest HAAS family members known in this country were in Berks, Co. PA The KEFFER family came from Baden-Wurtenburg, Germany to Somerset Co, PA. The Conroy family came from Ireland sometime in the mid-1800s. The location in Ireland is not confirmed. We believe they traveled from Philadelphia to Ohio, where Frank Conroy married, had children and lived the remainder of his life.

grandma &  grandpa Haas

The SANDERS and YATES families were originally in VA. Sanders family were early settlers on the frontier in Western VA, having moved from NC. The WOLFF family came to York County, PA from Germany, spent a short time in Monocacy, MD, then moved to the Moravian Settlement in Bethania, NC. Cousins John Carr and Paula Bennett have provided much needed research and filled in many blanks to make these pages possible. I am forever gratefult to them. We are part of the Wolff DNA project and hope to put information about results online over the next few months.

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