Who was Daniel Wolff?

What we know:

Daniel was born in or around Shenandoah County Virginia in 1770.

He was baptised in that County (Dunmore Co at that time) on September 23, 1773.

By that time Sept 1773, his mother Hester was already married to Frederick Lorenz (Laurence) Wolff. They remained in the area until about 1777 when they joined the rest of the Wolff family in Bethania, NC. Lorenz's will refers to Daniel as "Son of my desceased wife, Hester, who goes by the name of Daniel WOLFF." This is what led us to DNA testing. We've compared results of Alex, a direct descendant of Daniel, to the DNA of descendants of brothers of Frederick Lorenz, other sons of Wilhelm Adam. The results confirm that Daniel was no blood relation to the Wolffs. Thus, anyone descended from Daniel, is related to some other family, not Wilhelm Adam Wolff.

Lorenz was born in 1751, so Hester was likely born around that time. With no maiden name for Hester, we are running into a brick wall. Assuming Hester was married to Daniel's father, perhaps there is some researcher out there who has Hester and her first marriage, and the birth of Daniel in their tree. If so, I'd love to hear from you. I plan to explore orphan's court records, but it appears, with no surname, I will have to visit Virginia and dig through all records between 1770 and 1773.