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The review below is really intended to help you decide which features you like in a case.  Mostly it was done when I got my 8700; however the opening is a story on my new pouch for my 8800. 

My new weekend warrior for my BlackBerry 8800 is the RexRegina pouch.   I received this case from Tom Able-Green (  I can see that it also fits the BlackBerry Curve.  During the weekends, I tend to chat more and need access to my BB more often, and that's why I like a pouch.  During the week, I am often in front of a PC and have access to my email.  During the week, I also prefer my BB on my belt so I like the standard leather case with closing flap.  For the weekends, the pouch and the easier, more frequent access is preferred.  The leather RexRegina Morgan pouch fits the bill perfectly.

The leather is Italian and is really classy.  The case is available in three embossed leather finishes: Lizard, Crocodile, and Vegetable Tanned.  I got the black crocodile. 

The pouch arrives in a white box with a nice cloth.  The pouch has the essential “sleeper magnet” for the BlackBerry, and for the first time I have ever seen, there is a cut out inside the front of the pouch to allow the trackball to sit without having it pushed in.  This does mean you need to focus on which way you put the BB in the case and maybe they should consider putting the cut out on both sides. 

Morgan Case Room for Trackball

While the case does a great job of protecting the Blackberry, it is a smidgen too long which makes it hard to see the LED.  I would like to see them shorten it a bit, and of course for the smaller 8300 you won't see the LED at all.  In any event, it’s a minor suggestion.  The pouch appears to be strongly stitched, and durable.  



If you are looking for classy, sturdy pouch, at $44.95, this case can be purchased here:


A Buying Guide to BB Cases


A case is a must for your Blackberry.  When the 8700 came out there was a debate going on as to which company will provide the best one.  The plastic holder is nice, but a quality leather case offers advantages.  For example, it will not slip off a slanted surface.  Leather offers you some panache.  The key to peace of mind with your case is a good locking clip. You will also want to make sure it has a sleeper magnet in the right place. The original debate on cases can be found here. There are several varieties of cases currently on the market for the Blackberry.  For the purpose of this guide I’ll be focusing on cases available currently for the Blackberry 8700 series device.


Currently the cases available for Blackberries can be categorized as follows:  Vertical Pouch, Horizontal Pouch, Flip Cover, Form Fitting, Hard Cases, Other.



I really like two vendors quite a bit - (use PWC10MH for a 10% discount to 3-31-07) for leather cases  and for other types of cases and accessories.  Readers look at these vendors first.  They will treat you well and provide quality products.   




Things to consider when looking for a CASE for your Blackberry


p       Level of protection – does it cover the body and screen?

p       Does the case have a sleeper magnet?  This activates various Profile settings.

p       Does the case have a belt clip, and if so does it lock around the belt?  I have a strong preference for those that lock around the belt. 

p       Does the belt clip ratchet or swivel?  A ratchet clip can lock in at various angles and a swivel clip moves the case freely around.

p       Does the clip allow the case to be removed?  This can be a handy feature when you want the clip to stay on the belt, but you need to put the case elsewhere. 

p       Does the Blackberry have to be removed to use it?

p       Can the ringer/vibrate be heard/felt?

p       Closure method – Velcro, magnetic etc.

p       Material – leather, nylon, etc.


A Better Holster

This holster from seems to be an improvement over the RIM OEM one and is reviewed here. 




Seidio is a quality company offering other styles of rubberized skins and plastic hard cases as well. 


Vertical Pouch Style Cases


p       Require the Blackberry to be removed for usage. 

p       Offers a high level of protection

p       Usually come with a belt clip

p       Open or closed top






A few words about Fortte:  When you order ask about the leather.  Some cases use smooth thicker leather, others use thick leather pebbled drum softened, and others use a natural Napa finish, etc.  This is intentional on their part.  The company is over 11 years old, formerly producing OEM cases for major companies in the US and abroad.  The focus is on building in protection and functionality to their cases, trying to bring a wide variety of designs and colors for all needs and looks.  I am personally using their Vertical Pouch case now.  I love the fit and the protection it offers.  This case has the pebbled drum softened leather.  I also have the Horizontal Pouch with the smooth leather.  Both offer a great fit.  The Horizontal Pouch has the smoother leather and is nice in the evenings when constant access isn't needed.  The Vertical Pouch is easier to use when you need access to the Blackberry more often since you can grip the top and pull it right out.  With Fortte, it's easy to switch cases as the clip's are removable.  The other exciting news from Fortte is that they are improving their clip to be a lower profile version.  It's very functional now, and the only improvement would be a lower profile.  The new clip should be out in April 06, and they will also be offering a ratcheting clip as well.  






I have a Gizmoskin for my 7100 and I really liked it.  They changed the 8700 case design.  The new case will still be in the soft and supple lambskin, but the clip will now be wrapped in a tougher cowhide so that a) the leather has a tighter fit around the metal clip, b) the leather will not loosen up around the clip, c) the leather on the metal clip will not rip, d) the clip is easier to put on and take off the belt.  Gizmoskin, in what I have seen, stands well behind their products if you are not satisfied.  And the revised version has gotten great reviews.




No image available




OEM Leather case coming in Spring 06.  See pictures and a review here.  Purchase it here.


Sport Foam Holster


RIM Rugged Blackberry Case


The Pouch


Naztech Boa Vertical Leather Holster



Horizontal Pouch Style Cases


p       Require Blackberry to be removed for usage

p       Offer a high level of protection

p       Usually come with a belt clip

p       Left Handers Beware - The cases are usually designed to be worn on the right side so call and make sure you can place the 8700 in the case the way you want too.  "When you wear it on your left, the magnet ends up at the wrong end of the case. You have to put it in "backwards" for the magnet to work. Thus, you are always pulling the Blackberry out backwards."










No image available


Flip Cover Style Cases


p       Blackberry can be used while in the case

p       Usually come with a belt clip

p       Sometimes have slots for cards

p       Offer a high level of protection





Vaja uses the best leather and I really like this case when I want to show that high quality leather off.  The construction is top notch and the clip is very sturdy, and it locks around your belt.  You can easily remove the case from the clip.  I find it easy to use the speakerphone and to rest the case on my shoulder to talk.  If you are looking for a case with style, this is it. 






Form Fitting Style Cases


p       No sleeper magnet

p       Little screen protection

p       Usually come with a belt clip

p       Full access to screen and keyboard






Krussel has a great clip system for their cases.  The call it the Multidapt® system where they give you lots of choices, as you can see here.  They technically don't make a pouch case for the 8700.  I have the case above, and while I love the clip system, the BB is a bit hard to use in the Cabriolet, but it clearly offers easy access.  I use this case when I won't be needing the BB a lot, but I want quick access and I don't have to worry about banging it around a lot. 




Hard Cases




More pictures here.  One reviewer said this " The case itself is rather bulky and it also cuts down on radio reception (probably down 1-2 bars when phone is in the case). Typing is not a problem since the keyboard is exposed but the 2 buttons on the side are harder to press.  I guess it is an OK case for someone who likes a metal case for the 8700 and it might offer a bit more protection compared to just using the holster or some of the leather cases."









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