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Compass Roses for Map Project

Compass Rose 1   Compass Rose 2   Compass Rose 3   Compass Rose 4   Compass Rose 5   Compass Rose 6   Compass Rose 7   Compass Rose 8   Compass Rose 9   Compass Rose 10   Compass Rose 11   Compass Rose 12   Compass Rose 13   Compass Rose 14   Compass Rose 15   Compass Rose 16   Compass Rose 17

Mr. Brown's Map Rubric

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  • Comparative Religions A wonderful site that allows one to compare the major religions of the world.
  • Comparing Religions of the WorldCovers some of the major religions
  • Religions of the WorldDetailed site
  • Comparitive ReligionsVery detailed site
  • World of ReligionsNice Site
  • Major World ReligionsAnother good site
  • World ReligionsInfo Please great site
  • Confuscism
  • Protestant Denominations List probably all known denominations.
  • Religions of the World Guide Another great place for student study
  • World Religions A study of many of the world's religions.
  • Major Sites Civics Computers Economics Geography History


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