[John and Catherine (Tivy) Goodfellow and family]

Picture prob taken at golden wedding anniversary in 1874 in Simcoe Co.
Back row: ?, Adam (1830-1905), Samuel (1839-1929), ?, Joseph (1835-1917).
Front row: John (1841-1925), Susanna (1833-1915), John (c1791-1876), Catherine (nee Tivy) (1803-1887), Anne (1843-1907).
Unlabeled blanks (?): prob William (1825-1919) and Robert (1837-1889).
Missing: Thomas (1826-1904) [in U.S., but pictured below], Peter (1832-1882).


Scottish Ancestry of John Goodfellow (c1791-1876)
of Bradford, Simcoe Co., Ontario, Canada

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First Generation

1. John1 GOODFELLOW, son of William GOODFELLOW and Agnes (possibly SIMSON: see below), was born in Roxburgshire, Scotland ca 1790-2 and died 16 Nov 1876 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe Co, Ontario, CND.

He married first an unknown woman and had the following child (not carried forward):

3 i. Agnes GOODFELLOW died 24 Aug 1898. She m Gavin ALLAN 7 Feb 1838 in Simcoe Co.

John married second Catherine TIVY 26 Jun 1824 in York Co, Ontario, CND. Catherine, the daughter of Thomas TIVY and Susanna BRITTON, was born 10 Feb 1803 in Toronto, Ontario and died 2 Mar 1887 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe Co, Ontario.

John GOODFELLOW and Catherine TIVY had the following children (only Thomas carried forward):

ii. William GOODFELLOW was born in Bradford, Simcoe Co, Ontario 25 Mar 1825 and died 24 Aug 1919 in Innisfil, Lefroy, at 94 years of age and is buried in "Auld Kirk" in West Gwillumbury.

[Thomas G. Goodfellow - not in family above]2 iii. Thomas G.2 GOODFELLOW [pictured in 1870 at right] was born in Bradford, 5 Sep 1826 and died 4 Jul 1904 in Chicago, Cook Co IL, at 77 years of age. He m Susanna SMITH 18 May 1854 in Bradford. They immigrated in 1857 and spent time in PA, NJ and Canterbury DE then removed to Brooklyn NY by the 1870 census then went to Chicago to rebuild the city after the Great Fire of 187_.

iv. James GOODFELLOW was born in Bradford 18 Apr 1828 and died 23 Aug 1909 in New York NY, at 81 years of age. He m Margaret SUTHERLAND 1 Aug 1849 in Bradford. They removed to Brooklyn NY by the 1870 census. He m2 Catherine MILLER.

3 v. Adam GOODFELLOW was born in Bradford 12 Feb 1830 and died 14 Aug 1905 in Clarksburg, at 75 years of age. He m Elizabeth RODDY 29 Jan 1852.

4 vi. Peter GOODFELLOW was born in Bradford 24 Jan 1832 and died 30 Oct 1882 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CND, at 50 years of age. He m Agnes NELSON.

5 vii. Susanna Mary GOODFELLOW was born in Bradford 15 Oct 1833 and died 13 Apr 1915 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe Co at 81 years of age. She m Matthew FARIS 22 May 1856 in Bradford.

6 viii. Joseph GOODFELLOW was born 28 Aug 1835 and died 9 Aug 1917 in Barrie, Simcoe Co at 82 years of age. He m Isabella TRUEMAN 2 Apr 1862.

ix. Robert GOODFELLOW was born 9 May 1837 in West Gwillumbury and died 8 Feb 1898 at 60 years of age. He m Margaret ADAMS Sep 1863.

x. Samuel GOODFELLOW was born 12 Feb 1839 and died 10 Feb 1929 in Townline Eupphrasia Canada at 89 years of age. He m Jane Elizabeth McAUSLAN.

xi. John GOODFELLOW was born 14 Sep 1841 and died 11 Feb 1924 in Los Angeles CA at 82 years of age. He m Emma ______.

xii. Anne GOODFELLOW was born 16 Aug 1843 and died 30 Jan 1908 in Bradford, Simcoe Co at 63 years of age. She m James FARIS.

What is the Source of the Scottish Ancestry of John Goodfellow?
[originally written 1 Oct 1992]

The short answer is: I don't know yet. Just a simple question, but such a long answer. It took me 6 months to gather this data and is now taking about one month (add another day in June 1997) to put the present status down on paper. There is a lot of information, and it all doesn't jive.

Well, the source of the information is a combination of the research done by Marjorie Goodfellow of Quebec supplemented by my research of the British parish registers on microfilm at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City in Sep 1992. I have not yet been able to confirm our hunches with primary proof from the British parish registers. This letter describes what I do know. [References (#) at end.]

Family of John GOODFELLOW and Catherine TIVY

The two of them, he of West Gwillumbury, were married 26 Feb 1824 by Rev James Harris according to records at the Knox Presbyterian Church archives in Toronto. According to the History of Simcoe County by Hunter (#sOHh), a John GOODFELLOW was an original settler (before 1837) of West Gwillumbury, occupying the South 1/2 of lot #14/concession #7. I think we can safely assume that this is the same John GOODFELLOW. Interestingly, the 1858 Assessment Roll for West Gwillumbury lists an Adam GOODFELLOW as owner of this lot (South 1/2 of #14/concession #7 (#HW5); he is probably John's son.

According to a generally undocumented family group sheet (#MB6a) and a generally undocumented chart of Galvin Allen's descendants, their children's baptismal records were found in the Rev. William Frazer's baptismal register of the Bond Head United Church. In any case, John named his first child Agnes and his second child William. In the 1861 census, John GOODFELLOW is born Scotland, age 68. This puts his birth at 1792-3.

[John Goodfellow's tombstone] [Agnes Goodfellow's tombstone]

This is most likely the same John GOODFELLOW who is buried in the Scotch Settlement Cemetery: "Auld Kirk" (also "Old Kirk"). On the stone is marked "died Nov. 16, 1876 in the 85th year of his age, native of Roxburghshire"; and on the same stone is marked: "Agnes , wife of William GOODFELLOW, died June 27, 1827, aged 84". This puts John's birth year at 1791-2 and Agnes's birth year at 1742-3. We do not know the relationship of Agnes to John. If she is the mother of John, Agnes would have had to give birth to John at about age 49. She could instead be John's grandmother. While both names are on the same tombstone, I do not know when the stone was inscribed.

The Search for John GOODFELLOW in Britain

This is not settled. As stated above, maybe we need to look in Co Durham first. In any case, I have not yet found any John GOODFELLOW baptismal record for the right time and with the right parents. In the computerized version of the igi there is a John GOODFELLOW born 10 Jun 1792 in South Shields, Co Durham; but his parents are John and Jane.

The Rest of the Scottish Ancestry

[I have copies of these original parish register pages]

[Midlem parish register c1778]

William GOODFELLOW marries Agnes SIMSON 10 Jun 1770 in Bowden, Roxburgshire, Scotland (#vmBD) and had the following children born in Midlem [see figure from Midlem parish records; you may need to right click and "View Image"]: William 16 May 1771, Robert 23 Dec 1775, James 13 Feb 1778.

In Roxburg(shire), there are only two John GOODFELLOW's listed in the parish registers who are born near 1790:

John born 13 Feb 1788 in Cavers of William GOODFELLOW (#opri)

John born 13 May 1789 in Bowden of Adam and Jean (HALL) GOODFELLOW (#opri)

If the first John is ours, the family may have moved back to Cavers. In that parish, they did not normally list the mother's name in the baptismal register.

If our John is the one who was born in Cavers on 13 Feb 1788, perhaps he is of the same William that married Agnes Simson. We would have to find some evidence of them moving back to Cavers. It would help our case if we could find mention of the towns of Cavers, Midlem or Bowden in Simcoe, perhaps by Agnes. Maybe there were other settlers in Simcoe from the same place in Scotland that Agnes came from. Friends often moved to where their friends were. Are the names of the early settlers of Simcoe also found in Bowden and/or Cavers? For example were there Sim(p)sons in Simcoe before 1837?

The William GOODFELLOW who married Agnes SIMSON in 1770 could be the William, son of William GOODFALLA and Mary BONE who was born 30 Jun 1743 in Midlem, Roxburgshire, Scotland (#vcBD) and baptized in Bowden, but again there is not sufficient proof. William GOODFALLA and Mary BONE also had Robert born 4 Nov 1747 and John born 18 Nov 1750, [and an Adam born 21 May 1753, but I made no copy]

That William GOODFALLA could be the William, son of James GOODFALLA and Marrion TURNER that was baptized 21 Mar 1714 in Bowden, Roxburgshire, Scotland (#vcBD), but again there is not sufficient proof.

James GOODFELLOW, son of Robert, baptized 9 Feb 1696 in Cavers, Roxburgshire, Scotland (#vcCV)

Family of Adam GOODFELLOW and Janet McKENZIE

An Adam GOODFELLOW, farmer of West Gwillumbury, petitioned for land and received 50 acres on 2 May 1821 (#uclp, #uclb). In the petition, he said that he had a wife and 5 children and had lived there for about the last 8 months and he was a native of Shields, Co. Durham, England. Most assuredly, this is the same Adam who in 1823 is settled on lot#8/con#6 of West Gwillumbury (#sONh:II/p.24). An Adam GOODFELLOW married Janet McKENZIE 24 Jun 1810 (where?, # ). We know the names of five children (from Margaret Baker): John (m.14 Jan 1853 Wilhelmena Sutherland), James, Jessie (m.22 Jan 1846 Robert Rennier), Mary (m. a Robinson), Agnes (did not marry, d.1 Aug 1891 (age 77yrs, 7 mo, buried Emmanuel Bond Head Cemetery). Later, Adam died 25 Jun 1865, age 79, and is buried in Bond Head cemetery as a native of Roxburgshire (#MG1). Could there be two Adam GOODFELLOWs in West Gwillumbury? Adam's wife Jenette died 14 Jul 1862, age 86, native of Roxburghshire Scotland (#NL6).

The Albion (Peel Co) GOODFELLOWs

On 25 Feb 1819 a James GOODFELLOW, of York, who said he immigrated from "N. Britains" was a farmer and had a wife and 8 children, petitioned for land in York and was granted 200 acres on lot#5/con#6 Albion. According to Margaret Baker, 'old timers' say that this James is a brother to our John. Even though he said in his petition that he was from "North Britains", his descendants say he was a native of Eckford, Co. Roxburgshire. According to the family story, James wanted first to settle in Hoggs Hollow, but 'the sweet springs and streams of Albion lured him further north.' His wife was Margaret HAY and some of his children probably were

        Adam (b.16 Nov 1810, m.28 Jun 1842 Alice Irwin),

        William (m.13 Mar 1838 Sarah Jaffrey),

        Christine (b.15 Aug 1812, m. 12 Mar 1832 Allan Jefferey),

        Mary (b.17 Oct 1814, mlS Mar 1836 John Dalziell),

        Margaret (m.24 Jun 1840 James Somerville),

        Agnes (m. Nov 1837 Simeon Hole)

        James (b.1824 Albion, m.1850 Marion Dick) (#NV1, #NL3).

A brother presumably immigrated with him but elected to settle in Glengarry, Renfrew County (a descendent is William GOODFELLOW, one time Ontario's Minister of Welfare).

Religious Affiliation of John GOODFELLOW and Other Matters

While John GOODFELLOW is buried in Old Kirk, he appears to have been more closely affiliated with the Presbyterian church at Bond Head as was an Adam GOODFELLOW, the only other GOODFELLOW who was a Simcoe County 'original settler' (settled before 1837). According to #sOHh (volume b, a Presbyterian church was constituted with 14 members in the "Scotch Settlement" in West Gwillumbury by Rev William Jenkins on 6 Jan 1822 and on 6 Feb 1823 a log cabin was built and burying ground made on a site purchased from John Faris on the S 1/2 of lot#8, concession#6 (I/p.312). Also in 1823, Adam GOODFELLOW became a settler on this same lot (II/p.24 and p.279). On January 29 of the next year (1824), Adam GOODFELLOW was ordained an elder by Rev. Wm Jenkins.

One month later (26 Feb), John GOODFELLOW (of West Gwillumbury) married Catherine TIVY of York. It was his second marriage. His first marriage (to an unknown woman) resulted in a daughter Agnes (who later married Gavin Allen); it is not known whether this first marriage occurred in West Gwillumbury or somewhere else or what happened to his first wife. John and Catherine (TIVY) GOODFELLOW's first child, named William, was born 25 Mar 1825. Their second child, Thomas (my great, great grandfather) was born 5 Sep 1826. These birth dates are from Margaret Baker's group sheet (#MB11), but were originally copied from the baptismal register of Rev William Frazier and Bond Head Family Records. But Rev. Frazier did not begin service until 1835 so either he baptized these first children when they were older or had the baptismal register from his predecessors.

In the Spring of 1826, a Mr. John Carruthers was obtained to teach in the log cabin. In 1832 this same Carruthers was appointed a 'Catechist and Exhorter, by the Presbytery of York 'to visit the destitute settlers in the Western section of Upper Canada.' In 1861 he wrote a book (now rare) entitled "Retrospect of Thirty-Six Years' Residence in Canada West" which presumably 'contains many interesting notices of the early settlers, especially those of Simcoe county' (I/p.311). [NOTE: need to look at this book!]

On April 27 of 1827, a measure was adopted to build a church which was presumably at least worked on that same year by Ashur Foster, a millwright (I/p.313). In that same year on 27 June, an Agnes GOODFELLOW, aged 84 (a native of Roxburgshire and wife of William), died and is buried in Old Kirk Cemetery, which is presumably the cemetery on lot#8/Con#6 (check!). This Agnes may John GOODFELLOW's mother or grandmother since she share a tombstone with John. Agnes is wife of William GOODFELLOW. Also evidence is that John named his first two children Agnes and William. We don't know when or where William died or even if he immigrated with his wife, Agnes.

The first settled Pasteur of the church was Rev. Peter Ferguson who served from after 26 Sep 1830 to 10 Apr 1832. On 5 May of that year, the congregation met at the home of Adam GOODFELLOW who was appointed to make an application for a new minister to the Missionary Synod of Upper Canada in connection with the United Secession Synod in Scotland rather than to the Established Church of Scotland. This eventually led to the establishment of two independent churches, one remaining in the Scotch Settlement (lot#8/Con#6?) and another about 7 miles West at Bond Head (I/p.313-4) lot#1/con#6 (#MG1). While a church was not erected until 1837, Rev James Howey was ordained on 9 Oct 1833 to serve the congregation of West Gwillumbury, Tecumseth and Essa. In June 1835, Rev William Frazier was called and delivered his first sermon (9 Aug) and served 44 years until 1879. Before the new church was built at Bond Head, meetings were held in homes including Adam GOODFELLOW's in West Gwillumbury (presumably on the same lot as the original church) and, on 3 Jul 1838, at the Churchill home of Gavin Allan (lot #16/Con#3 Innisfil:II/p.58), who was received into the church that day and whose son Gavin would later marry John GOODFELLOW's first daughter, Agnes. A Mrs. Allen and a Mrs. Hugh Todd were also received into the church that day (I/p.314).

Meanwhile, the original congregation at Old Kirk (lot#8/Con#6?) connected with the Kirk of Scotland with Rev Wm McKillican as Pasteur. In 1842, a Rev John McMurchy was the minister of the Church of Scotland for West Gwillumbury (II/p.315).


The families of John GOODFELLOW, Adam GOODFELLOW and Gavin ALLAN all appear to be members of the Bond Head church. John's children are presumably baptized at Bond Head by Rev Wm Frazer; son Thomas is married by him in 1854. But John and Catherine GOODFELLOW are buried in the Old Kirk Cemetery (#MB5) while Adam and wife are buried at Bond Head (#HW2). Why?

Which John GOODFELLOW came to West Gwillumbury?

I do not know how John GOODFELLOW acquired lot 14/Con 7 in West Gwillumbury. However, a possible scenario is that this John is the same John that acquired a lot in Markham in 1819 (see map enclosed). According to the "History of Simcoe County", several Markham settlers (David and James Soule, George F. H. Warnica, moved to Simcoe (but to the northern part of Innisfil township, immediately north of West Gwillumbury (see detailed map). When John applied for the Markham land on 16 Jun 1819, he said he was age 26 and from Roxburgh, Scotland. This puts his birth year at 1792-3, probably close enough to the 1790-1 estimate above. Maybe the reason we can't find a petition for the land in West Gwillumbury is that he had already received his land in Markham which he subsequently sold and used the proceeds to buy the land in West Gwillumbury.

Are the GOODFELLOW Immigrants from Britain Related?

Only circumstantial evidence, but John and Adam of West Gwillumbury, James of Albion could all be brothers to the one in Glengarry and the sons of William and Agnes. The baptismal records may be in Shields, Co. Durham England. One problem, mother Agnes was born about 1743 and would be about 54 years old when James was born in about 1797. Maybe the reason we can't find a baptismal record in Roxburgshire is because William and Agnes moved their family to Co. Durham for some reason where the rest of their family was born and then moved back to Roxburgshire or just continued to think of themselves as Scottish.

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Second Generation

William2 GOODFELLOW (William G3), the son of William G GOODFELLOW and Mary BONE, was born in Bowden, Roxburgshire, Scotland 30 Jun 1743 and was baptized Mar 1752.

He married Agnes SIMSON 10 Jun 1770 in Bowden, Roxburgshire, Scotland. Agnes was born ca 1743 and died 27 Jun 1827 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe Co, Ontario at 83 years of age.

William GOODFELLOW and Agnes SIMSON had the following child:

+1 i. John1 GOODFELLOW was born ca 1792 and died 16 Nov 1876.

3. Agnes2 SIMSON was born ca 1743 and died 27 Jun 1827 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe Co, ON, CND, at 83 years of age.

(See William GOODFELLOW for the children resulting from this marriage.)

Third Generation

4. William G.3 GOODFELLOW birth date unknown, but was baptized 21 Mar 1714 in Bowden, Roxburgshire, Scotland.

He married Mary BONE.

William G. GOODFELLOW and Mary BONE had the following child:

+ 2 i. William2 GOODFELLOWxe "GOODFELLOW:William rn2042 (1743- )" was born 30 Jun 1743

5. Mary3 BONE birth date unknown.

(See William G GOODFELLOW for the children resulting from this marriage.)

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