Who is Sarah Hood's Grandmother?

This is a receipt for burying Sarah Hood's grandmother
She was of Boston MA
Written on back of receipt: "W. Barratt's Recpt to S. Hood"

[Hood Receipt]


Boston March the 2 1771
Miss Saley Hood to William Barratt --D
to Buringin your grandmother
to Caringin the Corps - Pounds 2=10
to attndence and the use of the pall 4=00
to toulingin the Ball - 0-9
old mon Pounds 6=19

Recvd the abve William Barratt

Sarah HOOD, born 8 Mar 1749 probably Boston of Cumbey HOOD and Sarah "NOLENS"
Sarah HOOD married Ezekiel RUSSELL, 1 Oct 1773 Portsmouth NH
Ezekiel RUSSELL was a printer of the Declaration of Independence and of Ezekiel Cheever's sermons
Sarah HOOD died 15 Oct 1806 in Boston MA

Cumbey HOOD was born 28 Aug 1717 in Boston of Joseph HOOD and Rebecca CUMBEY
Rebecca CUMBEY was born 8 Dec 1683 in Boston of Robert CUMBEY and Rebecca CROMWELL
After Joseph HOOD died 14 Dec 1729, Rebecca presumably married
- Thomas MIERES 24 Oct 1706, then William ?LEE in 1738
Is Rebecca CUMBEY the grandmother of Sarah HOOD who died 2 Mar 1771?

Cumbey HOOD married Sarah "NOLENS" 27 Nov 1754 in Boston (VR)
Sarah NOLENS/NOLAN/NOWLEN is presumably the daughter of Robert NOLENS
Is Sarah "NOLENS" mother the grandmother of Sarah HOOD who died 2 Mar 1771?

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