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Goal 1
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Competency Goal 1

To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment


I keep children healthy by monitoring their health. I do this by carefully observing children and watching for signs of illness, making sure immunizations are up to date, maintaining a sick child policy, and providing snacks and meals which meet the USDA guidelines for children’s daily nutritional needs. I education children about the food pyramid and prepare activities to support their learning. I also keep children healthy by keeping my classroom clean. I use a bleach solution several times a day to sanitize the environment. I keep things washed and sanitized all the time, and encourage children to help-. Children in my care are informed and able to make good decisions to keep themselves healthy.

            In my center I keep children safe by creating and environment where children gain the knowledge and discipline that allows them to make appropriate choices on their own. For example, I comply with all state licensing regulations. I have a copy of the WAC codes which I review periodically. I make sure activities are safe and developmentally appropriate. The children are encouraged to make good choices byt having discussions, giving lessons, and reading books that talk about safety issues. The children get hands on experience too. For example, the last few weeks we have been focusing on fire safety. This week we are taking a field trip to the local fire station, I created a fund and safe environment were children can learn and grow.

            I provide and age appropriate environment for the children in my care. I do this by preparing lessons, carefully selecting materials, allowing the children to participate in planning, and providing activities which challenge children of all developmental levels. I have inside gross motor activities such as a climber, beanbags, musical and dance items, and blocks. I have fine motor activities too, such as small and large beads, Legos, dress up dolls, stencils, and chain links. I provide an ample supply of books for the children to look at and read. I allow plenty of time for children to draw and practice writing skills. I have taken a learning environments class which taught me how to create natural, wondrous, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing areas in my classroom.