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Goal 2
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Competency Goal 2

To advance physical and intellectual competence



         Children are encouraged to participate in daily large motor activities to enhance physical development. I do this by being very enthusiastic and even joining in with the children at play. Outside we play tag, ball, hopscotch, and other made up games. Inside we play parachute, hide and seek, beanbag toss, and the children climb up the climber. I also communicate with the children and their parents about the importance of being physically active. In class we have discussions, and I send newsletters home to parents with suggestions for activities, and facts about physical health. Children in my classroom get plenty of time for large motor activities and know why they are important to their health.

I help children develop cognitive skills by encouraging them to hypothesis and try things out. For example, when it snowed this winter the children placed snowballs in the freezer and discovered that they froze into solid ice. They thought that the snow would stay the same rather then freeze, and were surprised that the snow froze. We discussed what happened and why it may have happened. I keep activities interesting so that they are fun and spark children’s curiosity. I do this by rotating materials so things are new, taking field trips, having an emergent curriculum, and allowing children to ask questions and actively participate in learning. Cognitive skills are used daily in our classroom and the children have fun developing them.

            Creativity is fostered in the materials and interest areas throughout our classroom. Children have access to, and are encouraged to use various art supplies to create their own artwork. Paints, markers, pencils, crayons, oil pastels, and paper are readily available for children to freely explore. Many forms of music are sung and played during the day, including music in foreign languages. Children can use instruments, fabric, and scarves to move with the music. Many different kinds of clothing can be found in the dress up area. Suits, robes, scarves, firemen outfits, and others are rotated. They love to create head wraps and dresses out of shiny fabric and prance around the room in various poses for a pretend fashion show. There is no shortage of creative expression in our room!

            In my center I help children learn, understand, and use words to communicate. This is done by encouraging conversations throughout the classroom. I ask children about what they are doing and prompt them to explain in detail. Children are reminded to use their words to express themselves when they are having a difficult time communicating. I have daily discussions with the children, and they are encouraged to give their input and ask questions. Several items are labeled around the room so that they can connect the words with the objects. I read books and play music that contains new vocabulary so that children are exposed to new words daily. The children in my class have ample opportunities to develop their communication skills.