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Child Behavior Observation Form


Name of Child/ren: Cooper & Jackson Age/s: 3 & 4  Date: 5-20-2005

Time: 10:00am  Location: Preschool Playground Observed by: Starla




Skills Observed

Cooper began stacking the large rectangular blocks on the cement near the door. First he lined 3 blocks up horizontally, then he began stacking them vertically.  Jackson came over and asked, “What are you making?” Copper said that he was making a dinosaur. He said that he was going to find dinosaur bones when he grows up. Jackson then told him that was called a paleontologist. Jackson put a red block on top of Coopers dinosaur. Cooper said, “No, that’s where the head goes!” Jackson said that he wanted to help. Cooper said, “No, you mess it up.” Jackson put another block on top of the structure. Cooper screamed and pushed Jackson. Jackson bumped into the structure and it fell over. Jackson ran away. Cooper started rebuilding his structure.



Cooper seemed to be concentrating very hard while stacking his blocks. Maybe he was trying to picture the dinosaur that he was attempting to build. I was impressed that Jackson, who is only 4, knew what a paleontologist was! The boys had very good communication. Cooper did not seem to be angry when he told Jackson to back off. Both boys used their words very well. Cooper did not get angry until Jackson insisted on helping. Jackson was not upset that Cooper pushed him. He just ran off to play in another area.


While talking with each other the boys used social and communication skills. Cooper was using object representation, gross and fine motor, cognitive, and creativity as he built his ‘dinosaur’.



Ways to Extend Learning Experience: Teachers can provide books about dinosaurs, sing dinosaur songs, and maybe even bring in some bones and magnifying glasses. Teachers could also provide children with dinosaur toys in the block and puppet areas.




C.Benteu/Green River Community College CDA Observation Tool