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Alphabet Art Activities

A Special Thanks to Mrs. Bender who works so hard to get these projects ready for the children.

We get many of our ideas from and 


"A" is for Allie Alligator

"A" is for alligator


"B" is for Bubba Bear

"B" is for bees

"C" is for Catina Cat

"C" is for caterpillars

"D" is for Dee Dee Deer

"D" is for dinosaur


"E" is for Ellie the Elephant

"E" is for elephants

"F" is for Francy Fish

"F" is for frogs

and fire trucks 

"G" is for Gordo Gorilla


"G" is giraffes


"H" is for Honey Horse


"H" is for hippo


"I" is for Inny Inchworm

"J" is for Jerry Jellyfish

"J" is for Mrs. Jasiek



"K" is for Kayo Kangaroo

"K" is for koalas



"L" is for Lizzy Lizard








"M" is for Missy Mouse

"M" is for monkey

"N" is for Nigel Night Owl

"N" is for necklaces


"O" is for octopuses

"O" is for Ollie Octopus

"P" is for pigs

"P" is for Pee Wee Penguin

"Q" is for queen

"Q" is for Queenie Quail

"R is for rake

"R" is for raccoon

"R" is for Robby Rabbit

"S" is for squirrel

"S" is for Sammy Snake Puppets



"T" is for turtle

"T" is for Timothy Tiger

"U" is for ukulele

"U" is for Umber Umbrella Bird

"V" is for violets

"V" is for Vinnie Vampire Bat


"W" is for walrus

"W" is for Willie Weasel

"X" is for xylophone

"Y" is for yak

"Z" is for zebras