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The Wild West

2009/2010/2011 Photos

Mrs. Perkin's Wild West Bingo

Counting Cowboys and Cowboy Patterns

Making Texas Vocabulary Books

Bandana Marble Rolling Fun

Tracing Texas

Cowboy Vocabulary Memory Development

Counting Cowboys

Cowboy Matching


Texas Flannel Board Song

Cowboy Memory

Match the Brand/Corral the Cattle


Cowgirl Play

Making Diamondback Snakes

Our Door

We listen to Pam Schiller's Wild West music at Listening Center.

Our sight words are underlined to help us follow along.


Making Poems


Chow Time

Playing Sight Word Bingo

Itsy Bitsy Rattlesnake Book

Cowboy Reading Pointers

Making Mrs. Buck's Rhinestone Cowboy Hats

Our Awesome Rhinestone Cowboy Hats


Making Cowboy Necklaces

Making Cowboy Necklaces

Using the abc Branding Irons

Using the abc Branding Irons

Making our Saddlebags for Trail Mix

Cowgirl Color by Number

Ingredients for Cowboy Trail Mix

Cowboys Write 100 Words

Our Oregon Trail Covered Wagons

Counting by 10's and 2's

From Missouri to Oregon

Matching Brands

Cow Roll the Dice and Color

Cow Roll the Dice and Color

Hide the Hats, Find and Measure the Ropes

Cowboy Silhouettes

Mrs. Jasiek and the Cowboys and Cowgirls


Waiting For Our Preschool Friends

Warming Our Hands Over the Open Fire

Chow Time Begins

Bella's Flower Cookies

Roasting Marshmallows

Drinking Sarsaparilla

Eating Cowboy Biscuits and Mrs. Buck's Cowboy Stew

Playing Chicken in the Basket


Chicken in the Basket

Roping the Cattle

Branding our Horses

Lasso that Little Doggie!

What Skill!

Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing

Sleeping Around the Campfire

Rest is Good After A Hard Day's Work!



Patterning Cowboys

ABAB Pattern