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November Newsletter


Dear Parents, 


            I am looking forward to meeting with each and every one of you at Conference time. 

       It is so helpful to learn more about your child from your perspective. 

            We will soon be starting our third unit in Reading.  My, the time is flying by! 

      This month in Reading we will:

  •  continue to review our letter recognition and letter sounds
  •  work on the short vowel sounds for a and i words
  •  blend and segment words
  •  begin to substitute sounds in words
  •  continue to work on beginning and ending sounds
  •  work on the concepts of comparing and contrasting
  •  review  the concepts of characters, setting, and  main idea
  •  distinguish between  realism and fantasy stories 
  •  count and clap out syllables in words
  •  read one syllable words, sight words (ones listed in Whats Happening) and the  color and number recognition words
  •  begin to understand plot in a story (the structure of the story)

     I had the opportunity to visit another Kindergarten classroom in October and was able to observe some teaching techniques that I was interested in and will soon  begin to incorporate these ideas into our classroom.  We will  begin a new phonemic awareness program and will begin to incorporate more Kid Writing into our day.  I am excited!

 In Grammar we will:

     *continue to discuss nouns and plural nouns

     * be introduced to proper nouns, verbs and the adjectives for colors, shapes, sizes and numbers

    In Writing we will:

     *continue to practice printing our small and capital letters correctly

     *continue to practice our names correctly

     *begin to write words based on how they sound

     *practice spacing between words (spaghetti spaces between letters and a finger space between words)

     *begin writing predictable sentences    

   In Math we will: 

       *work on number recognition to 40

       *write our numbers to 40

      *review counting by 10s and 5s

      *practice counting beyond 100


      Thank you for your beautiful children.


Mrs. Steele