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 Dear Parents, 

     This month in Reading, we will be spending time working on the concepts of comparing and contrasting, setting, main idea, and realism and fantasy.  Continue to practice with letter recognition and sound recognition at home with your children.  They are steadily improving in these areas.  We have been working on beginning and ending sounds, high frequency words and the blending of  of sounds to make words. You will notice these words in the little books that your children bring home.   We are also working on color and number words. Please remember to have your child read the little books that come home to you.

        In grammar, we will work on nouns for more than one, proper nouns, and adjectives for colors, shapes, sizes and numbers.  

    In math,  we will be concentration on numbers to 10, correct formation of  writing our numbers to 10, number word recognition zero to ten and working on one to one correspondence.  Much of the work we do uses five and ten frames so the children are becoming very familiar with them.   We are also working on the terms more and fewer and are counting to 100 and beyond.

       Thank you so much for your help with handwriting homework.  The children are really improving.  I am so proud of them for bringing it back immediately.  Thank you for continually encouraging their responsibility. 

       We have been having fun with our Chicka  Boom Boom literacy centers. I have begun posting pictures so please take a look under that category.   

        Please remember you may always contact me via email or phone.  I am looking forward to meeting with each and every one of you at conferences next month to discuss your child's progress to date. 

       News will soon be coming home about a fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch.


                                                                           Blessings to you,


                                                                           Mrs. Steele